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Curriculum Committee Procedures

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The procedures codified in the following pages have been adopted and reaffirmed at various times by the Curriculum Committee to regulate its activity and to ensure conformity to CUNY and SED requirements:

Initiation and Passage of Proposals

  1. At Curriculum Committee meetings, only members may present and move for action written proposals for a change, addition or deletion in curricula or courses.

    The Chairperson(s) of the appropriate department or departments, the Curriculum Coordinator and the Division Coordinator should be consulted before any motion affecting curricular offerings comes to the Committee.
  2. At the request of a department representative, a proposal originating outside such department, or an amended proposal that affects any departmental offering, shall be passed by a vote of two-thirds of those present and voting. This provision shall not apply to questions relating to the incorporation of such an offering in a curriculum.


Each proposal is thoroughly discussed in the Curriculum Committee in accordance with the time and submission requirements set forth. Failure to comply with these requirements will serve to delay discussion and action on proposals. The Committee may require the submission of additional documentation in support of proposals. Proposals may require more than the five weeks minimum time for due consideration.

Action by the Senate and President

Curriculum Committee actions are reported to the Senate. The Senate requires curriculum proposals to be on the agenda of two Senate meetings, with items moved for action (approval) at the second meeting.

After approval by the Senate, they are submitted to the college's President for review. If the President approves, they are then presented to the University for action.

Action by the President

If the President does not forward the proposal, the Senate will be provided with the reasons for the decision.

Action by the University

After review in the CUNY office of Academic Affairs, proposals judged to be in order and consistent with the mission and needs of the City University are submitted to the Board of Trustees for action.

Action by the State Education Department

The State Education Department is advised of curriculum changes. Only substantive changes require New York State Department of Education approval.

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