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Time Requirements

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Before a curriculum proposal is discussed by the curriculum committee for the first time, all required documents for curriculum approval must be received electronically by the Curriculum Committee Chairperson at a minimum as follows:

  1. Letters of Intent and Proposals for new associate degree programs and documentation for new certificate programs: five (5) weeks
  2. Proposals for new and experimental courses, and changes in degree programs and courses: three (3) weeks
  3. Proposals for official withdrawal of programs or courses: two (2) weeks

Immediately upon receipt of these documents, the Chairperson of the Curriculum Committee will email them to the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs for review and consultation regarding what is being proposed with respect to the required form and structure of documents and materials, regulatory requirements of the State Education Department and the University, budgetary and resource issues, instructional staffing, class scheduling, student enrollment, impact on other college programs and courses, and other issues related to instructional delivery. This is necessary in order to ensure that matters impacting the viability of curriculum proposals are attended to before the Curriculum Committee begins its review of the substance and merit of academic program and course proposals. The Curriculum Committee Chairperson will be notified if modifications of the curriculum materials are necessary before they are distributed to the Curriculum Committee.

At least one week before the item is to be first discussed at the Curriculum Committee, the Committee Chairperson will e-mail all the documents to the members of the Committee for their review together with an agenda for the committee meeting. This will allow Committee members time to review the proposal prior to any formal presentation and discussion.

This schedule will be rigorously adhered to. Any delay in submitting all of the required documents may delay the start of the approval process by the Committee.

Committee discussion will be limited at a proposal's initial presentation. After the proposal is made, questions will be taken from the body. Unless the Committee votes to view the proposal as routine, all questions must be recorded with answers provided electronically to the Committee Chairperson. These answers will be distributed to the body along with the next meeting's agenda. If, however, the Committee votes to view the proposal as routine, then questions, answers and discussion may take place at the first meeting.

The Committee follows a Three-Meeting Rule. This means that no item will be moved for action prior to the third meeting as an agenda item. As the Committee meets every other week this would require a minimum of five weeks. In order for curriculum and course proposals to be approved by CUNY for publication in the final Chancellor's Report each academic year, academic departments must submit all required documents electronically to the Curriculum Committee Chairperson for distribution to the Committee so that they may be presented at the committee's first meeting in March. This date will change each semester. The Committee will be made aware of the last date for submission each Spring semester. New or substantially revised curricula will require much longer lead-time, as indicated above in the time frames for electronic submission of documents. Departments are asked to submit their documents well before the last cycle of review by the committee, which begins in March.

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