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Apple Wireless Settings


Apple laptops must have an Apple Airport wireless network card installed in order to function correctly with the Bluesocket. The physical installation of the card is beyond the scope of this document and should only be done per Apple's specific instructions. The software for the Apple Airport wireless network card is an integral part of Mac OS 10.2 and does not require any installation.

Note: If you use your computer on another wireless network you should record all settings before changing them, so they can be restored for later use.


From the Apple menu select "System Preferences..."



In the System Preferences window, select the "Network" icon.



From the "Show" drop-down box, select "Airport"



Click on the "Airport" tab



Click on "Join a specific network" and type BCC-WNET in the space labeled "Network". Click "Apply Now".


At this point, you are ready to use BCC-WNET.


By using BCC-WNET, you acknowledge that it is possible for personal information to be compromised while being transmitted. Bronx Community College cannot be held responsible for any resulting loss or damages and, as such, BCC-WNET encourages its users to utilize secure services when accessing network resources wirelessly.

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