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Department FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions


We would like to setup wireless coverage in our department, what should we do? Please contact us at We will be happy to work with you to conduct a site survey and to go over the details of the installation. It's our intention that, by working with each group to coordinate and install wireless in their area, we will be able to provide wireless coverage for the entire campus.

What should we do if we are already using wireless systems? If your department setup wireless routers or access points you must contact us as soon as possible. The potential for RF interference by installed devices is very high. We need to coordinate frequency usage and configuration specifics to avoid disruption of the college wireless networks. We must make sure that the wireless network being established is secure and it does not jeopardize the college’s network infrastructure. The IT department will be responsible for managing and maintaining the wireless access points installed.

What type of Access Points is the college using and recommending? In all of our installations we are using the Adtran Bluesocket series Access Point. There are a lot of comparable 802.11 products on the market right now but in our opinion the Bluesocket systems were the best choice for performance and features.

What is the plan and goal for the campus wireless network deployment? It is our goal to provide a campus wide wireless network. Ideally users will be able to access the network from almost any location on campus, even while moving from location to location. To move towards realizing this future we will be working in outdoor areas to install wireless coverage. The highest priority locations will be areas that are highly traveled and popular gathering areas. After that we will start to cover secondary locations. At the same time we are also working with many departments to coordinate the installation of wireless networks in their areas. These efforts will over time cover almost all of the areas on campus. The current status of the project can be seen at the coverage map.

Can we setup a wireless network to replace a wired location? Wireless networks are no substitute for conventional wiring unless wiring is impossible or cost prohibitive. They do not have the bandwidth or the reliability of wired networks. Installing a wireless network and expecting it to serve in place of a wired connection is inviting disappointment and aggravation. It fills a specific niche allowing mobility and flexibility but it should not be used anywhere that a wired connection is possible.

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