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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is career counseling?

Career counseling is individualized or group sessions where student can seek assistance in defining career goals or exploring employment opportunities. Counselors work with students to plan goals and objectives that are realistic and will assist students with mapping out a course of action while in college to achieve his/her goals.

What are the requirements for students to secure an internship?

Usually, internships are a part of the academic program students are enrolled in. Completing an internship is often an excellent way of gaining hands-on employment experience in the same occupational field. Many companies hire their interns as full time employees after an internship has been completed successfully.

What are some advantages of internships?

Internships offer you a chance to learn and discover. You will never buy a car without a test drive first, right? Then you will never know if a particular career is right for you until you take it for a test drive. You may find out that your dream job really isn’t what you expected. You may even discover a new interest you never knew you had. An internship is not a job; it is an opportunity to experience and discover a job’s requirements both good and bad. An internship is a work experience where the basic objective is learning, not earning money. Internships help students, who have earned a specific number of credits, to experience first hand what a career in their chosen field will be like.

Networking while interning

Networking is probably one of the most significant advantages interns may have. The opportunity to meet with company managers, executives and peers is a wonderful gain for interns. Especially if the goal is to conduct business internationally; the network will be ready for exploration. The contacts made during an internship can lead to job openings after your internship, either at the same location, or at other locations.

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