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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The General Process

How do I transfer?
Begin by researching what college you would like to attend and what major you would like to pursue while there. Once you have chosen a college, you should start the transfer process by going to the college’s website and finding the Apply for Admission option.

Does the transfer advisor have to do anything for me?
The Transfer Advisor can assist you with selecting suitable college options or help with any other relevant decisions that you may have to make. However, you may complete your admissions document independently.

What do I need in order to complete my transfer documents?
You should have an unofficial copy of your transcript handy, the copy of the classes you plan on registering for in your final semester at your current college, as well as, your mailing address, social security number, names of all previously attended colleges and dates of attendance etc.

The Application

How far in advance do I need to apply for transfer?
You should apply for transfer in the semester prior to graduation. For example, if you are graduating in June 2012, you should apply for transfer during October 2011.

When can I expect a decision?
Every college’s admission notification process differs. However, CUNY typically notifies students 8-10 weeks after the admission deadline. Thus, if the deadline for your application was February 2011, you can expect to hear back some time in March or April. Please note that this timing is typically the case. The best practice is to check all deadlines well in advance of your expected graduation date.

Is there a cost attached to completing the transfer application?
If you are completing the CUNY application and you are currently a CUNY student, then the application is free for you.  There is a processing application fee of charge $70 for non-CUNY students. Fees for external colleges (non-CUNY network) vary from college to college. You are responsible for researching this information autonomously.


How do I get my transcript?
You can get an official copy of your transcript from the Registrar’s Office. To do this, go online to the BCC website click on Site Index, and under “R” click on Request Transcript (you must have a debit or credit card). The registrar’s office will send a copy to any external colleges for a fee ($2.00 for current students and $5.00 for alumni). If you are applying to a CUNY college, you do not need to complete this process since CUNY automatically receives your transcript once you apply.

I attended another college before coming to BCC. Do I need to send those transcripts to CUNY or other colleges when applying?
Yes, you are required to send a transcript from all previous colleges that you attended before BCC.

Is there a fee for sending my transcript?
There is a $7.00 fee for requesting a transcript online. However, any transcript sent to another CUNY school is free of charge ($2.00 if your request is processed online).

Majors and Courses

How do I find out if the college I’m interested in offers my major of choice?
You can find out information on majors on most college’s website.

Whom do I contact if I need more information regarding courses at a particular college?
Your best bet would be to contact an admissions/transfer representative. You can find contact information for most admissions counselor /transfer counselors through each college’s website.


What grade point average (G.P.A.) should I maintain in order to transfer?
The G.P.A. requirement for entrance into each college/university differs. You should search the college’s website to find out what its requirements are. However, remember that it is best to maintain the highest G.P.A. possible to ensure your successful matriculation.

Is there a minimum G.P.A. requirement for transfer?
Students are required to have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 for CUNY. Keep in mind that having a 2.0 does not guarantee your acceptance into another college.


Will a D grade transfer?
No, D grades do not transfer to most colleges.

Transferring Credits

How do I transfer my credits?
The College to which you are applying makes the final decision on which courses transfer and which ones will not. You do not physically do anything.  However, if you would like to see which credits will transfer on a course by course basis, you can use TIPPS (Transfer Information and Program Planning System).

Do all my credits transfer?
Complete credit transference depends on your status. If you are graduating and are in an A.A. or A.S. degree program, your 60 credits will transfer to another CUNY college. However, if you are enrolled in an A.A.S. degree, all of your credits may not transfer. If you are not graduating prior to transferring, the accepting college will only take a limited number of your credits. CUNY schools will only accept up to 30 credits from a student who will not be graduating prior to transferring.

Why are some courses approved for transfer credit at one 4-year college but not another?
Courses are accepted based on whether the accepting college has a similar course or not. Credit evaluators compare the course syllabus and course description at their college with the same content at the college from which you are transferring. If the courses are similar, then the student is granted credit for the course.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

I already applied for my financial aid but did not put the college I am transferring to on my documents. How and when do I change this?
As soon as you receive an acceptance notice from the college of your choice, you can go online to fafsa.com and add the college that you will be attending. If you completed a paper application you can make changes by calling the Federal Student Aid Information Center (1.800.433.3243).

Am I eligible for a scholarship as a transfer student?
You certainly are. You only need to find and apply for scholarships that are appropriate for you and for which you qualify. To do so, you can use the Scholarship Office (LO 428) here at the college or visit www.fastweb.com

Once You’re Accepted

After enrolling at a four-year college, can I still take courses at BCC?
You can. However, it is imperative that you speak with an advisor at your new college to ensure that this is the right course of action for you.

Are there orientation programs that I must attend?
The Career and Transfer Services office at BCC offers students who are transferring out of the college a workshop that prepares them for life at their new college. Your new college may offer a transfer-in orientation. You should receive this information upon admission.

When do I enroll and register in the 4-year college?
You enroll in the 4-year college when you have been admitted. You will then pay the college’s commitment fee and register for your courses.


I will not graduate soon. Can I still transfer?
Students are permitted to transfer even though graduation may be in the distant future. However, advisors strongly counsel against this action since students lose a number of credits because they have not attained a college degree. Accepting colleges usually allow students to transfer only 24-30 of their credits if they have not graduated. The maximum number of credits is not guaranteed. However, each college’s policy varies. Visit your prospective college’s website for further details.

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