Continuing Education

Health Information Technology Trainer

This program will provide the skills necessary for health information technology professionals to work as trainers of a wide range of health care workers who are, or will be, using electronic health records (EHR).The program is designed for those already working in one or more of the 12 EHR roles outlined by the Office of National Coordination or who have completed one of the Workforce Development and Continuing Education Training tracks.

Each candidate will be considered on a case-by-case basis. No prior teaching experience is necessary.

Entrance Criteria

A bachelor's degree or an associate degree and at least six months of work experience in one of the 12 HITECH health information technology roles or satisfactory completion of one or more training roles at a community college within the Northeast consortium.

Career Path

Graduates of the HITECH Trainer Certification will be equipped to train healthcare workers who are or will be using EHRs.


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