Deans and President Lists

Notification and Convocation


Students who are on the Dean's and President's Lists will be notified via their student e-mail. The e-mail will detail information regarding where they can pick up their certificate(s) as well as the date of the convocation.

If a student is unable to receive their certificate(s) during the designated dates and times, they will have to connect with the Academic and Transfer Resources Coordinator to make arrangements (see the contact information page on this site).

Students have one year from the date of the Dean's and President' s Lists Convocation to obtain their certificate(s).


Dean's and President's Lists Convocation is held every spring and honors students from the previous calendar year for the spring and fall semesters.

The 2015 Convocation will be held on Thursday, May 7, in Gould Memorial Auditorium and will start at 4p.m. Students may invite one guest to celebrate their achievements.


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