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Office of Grants and Contracts

Grants.gov Do’s and Don’ts

Grants.gov suggestions for submission of federal grant proposals:


  • Complete and submit the proposal registration form to the Grants Office attention Alicia Ramos.
  • Make an appointment (5183) to review the grant guidelines, requirements, deadlines and submission plan, develop the budget.
  • Work on the required components of the application and save them as separate document files, which will have to be converted to PDF (the Grants Office can assist with the conversion to PDF).
  • Send files to the Grants Office assistant, Alicia Ramos, via email (if the files are not too big for the Bronx Community College servers) or bring to Grants Office on CD-ROM or flash drive, as far in advance of the deadline as possible.
  • Keep electronic back-up copies of everything. Observe page limitations for each section.


  • Don’t attempt to register Bronx Community College in Grants.gov – BCC is already registered.
  • Don’t leave your review of the application guidelines and instructions until so late in the process that the grant application cannot be completed with care and attention to detail.
  • Don’t upload the proposal application package except to use it as a guide – the Grants Office will have the package on its desktop, as the proposal must be submitted by the College’s authorized signing official.
  • Don’t fill in the application package or add attachments, as that will not be transferable to the Grants Office desktop.
  • Don’t leave your back-up CD-ROM or flash drive at your office even if you already have e-mailed your files to the Grants Office – bring your back-up with you when you come to the Grants Office in case it’s needed.
  • Don’t assume there will be no other BCC proposals on the day of your deadline.
  • Don’t assume the BCC or CUNY or Grants.gov server will be waiting to process your proposal as rapidly as possible – there is much competition for the server.
  • Don’t disappear or become inaccessible after the proposal is initially submitted, as there may be warning and error messages that must be addressed within the ensuing days.


  • Grants.gov is a portal. Once Grants.gov clears the proposal, it is “shipped” electronically to the federal agency to which you are actually applying. Grants.gov may send warning and/or error messages. Once those are addressed, the agency considering the proposal may also send warning and/or error messages. In each case, there is a two (2) weekday limitation on responding. Failure to address error messages successfully will result in the proposal not being reviewed.
  • Much of the “human element” has been removed from this process. If a deadline time is 4:30 p.m., the computer system cuts off acceptance of any information that is not yet submitted.
  • Grants.gov is evolving. Software is being upgraded.


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