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Office of Grants and Contracts

Pre-Award Planning

Bronx Community College Grants Office supports the preparation and submission of grant and contract proposals. Once a faculty or staff member has identified a potential funding source and decides to prepare a grant or contract proposal, it is strongly recommended that he/she submit a Proposal Registration Form (PRF) to the Grants Office. The Grants Office circulates the PRF to all Executive Council members and appropriate Department Chairperson(s). Some externally-funded projects require additional space, modification of space, or matching funds. There may be limitations on the number of proposals that can be submitted by Bronx Community College or the City University of New York. Such hurdles should be cleared before the proposal writer invests too much time in the development of the grant application.

Researching Funding Opportunities
Faculty and staff members are invited to advise the Grants Office of their interests so that we may direct announcements that come through the office to appropriate persons. Links to sites and libraries that may offer funding opportunities are listed below:

  • Community of Science (COS)
    In order to provide you with improved information on funding and expertise, the Research Foundation has purchased a license for the searchable grants database, Community of Science (COS). Through COS, researchers now have an additional resource and powerful tool for locating and applying for funding opportunities from numerous public and private sponsoring agencies and organizations.

COS resources for faculty and staff include:

  • COS Funding Opportunities: Online access to more than 24,000 currently available funding opportunities offered by 11,000 public and private sponsors on a global basis
  • COS Funding Alert: A service that delivers targeted information from COS Funding Opportunities to individual researchers whose profiles are maintained in the COS databas

How to Get Started

  • To begin using COS you must set-up a profile. To set-up a profile, do the following:
    1. Go to http://www.cos.com/rfcuny.shtml
    2. Click on “New User?” (on upper left hand side of web page)
    3. Click the “Join” button
    4. Complete pertinent information in blank fields
    5. Click “Create My Account”
  • To Set up Searches:
    1. Click on “Add a Search”
    2. Create your search in the Funding Opportunities main search screen and click “Do the Search”
    3. If you are satisfied with your search results click “Save Search” at the top of the screen.
    4. You will then have the following options:
      1. Choose a Name for Your Search
      2. Option to receive funding alerts on this search
        COS Funding Alert will send weekly email alerts when records are updated in the databas
    5. Click “Save this Search”

For more assistance with searches, please refer to: http://fundingopps.cos.com/docs/rules.shtml#general

It is strongly recommended that the proposal writer or principal investigator (PI) lay out a timetable for accomplishing the various tasks and gathering the required documents for submission of the proposal.

Proposal writers must read the guidelines for the particular competition. The PI must be aware of page limitations for the various sections of the proposal and the various idiosyncrasies of the chosen funding source. Some agencies provide a maximum page limitation for the project description, curriculum vitae (CV), and appendices. Some funding sources want the project abstract as a separate file. Some funding agencies require specific font and margin sizes. One funding source may want a detailed spreadsheet for the budget, while another may want a budget narrative. These are not details that can be left for the deadline day.

An electronic proposal submission does not give the proposal writer license to still be writing or editing an hour before the deadline. The PI has to make sure the Grants Officer, who is the authorizing official, is available and has not had his/her time taken by others who are also submitting proposals at the same time.

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