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11. Maria Mitchell, 1818-1889. Elected 1905. Self-taught astronomer and Vassar College Professor. Pioneered in education and achieving recognition for women's scientific accomplishments. Sculptor: Emma F. Brigham, replica.

12. George Westinghouse, 1846-1914. Elected 1955. Inventor of air brake and electrically controlled signals for railroad trains. Innovator in development and use of alternating current. Sculptor: Edmondo Quattrocchi, 1957.

13. Louis Agassiz, 1807-1873. Elected 1915. Zoologist and geologist. Advanced the theory of a glacial age in earth's geologic history. Sculptor: Anna Hyatt Huntington, 1928.

14. William Crawford Gorgas, 1854-1920. Elected 1950. Physician and sanitary engineer. Wiped out yellow fever in Cuba and Panama Canal Zone. Sculptor: Bryant Baker, 1951.

15. William Thomas Green Morton, 1819-1868. Elected 1920. Dentist. First to use ether as a general anesthetic in 1846. Sculptor: Helen Farnsworth Mears, replica.

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