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6. Robert Fulton, 1765-1815. Artist and engineer. Developed several improvements in transportation, most notably, the steamboat. Sculptor: Jean-Antoine Houdon, replica.

7. Asa Gray, 1810-1888. Elected 1900. Botanist, biologist, and Harvard professor. Early disciple of Darwinism in America. Sculptor: Chester Beach, 1925.

8. Matthew Fontaine Maury, 1806-1873. Elected 1930. Naval officer and oceanographer Sculptor: F. Williams Sievers, 1931.

9. James Buchanan Eads, 1820-1887. Elected 1920. Engineer and builder. Designed armored steamboats, built Mississippi River Bridge at St. Louis, opened Mississippi River Bridge at St. Louis, opened Mississippi River to deeper draft ships at its mouth. Sculptor: Charles Grafly, 1924.

10. Simon Newcomb, 1835-1909. Elected 1935. Astronomer. Calculated planetary orbits and motion of the moon, gaining international esteem. Sculptor: Frederick MacMonnies, 1936.

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