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OSSES (One Stop Shop eServices)

  • What is OSSES?

OSSES is Bronx Community College online service that allows you to access your eMail, eSIMS Web Registration, eAdvisement Form, Financial Zero Balance Validation, My Grades and so much more…

  • How do I access OSSES?

Go to www.bcc.cuny.edu
Click on "Campus Resources"
Click on 'Online Support Services" The log in page will appear that greets you "Welcome Guest".
Enter your OSSES ID (first name.last name) Ex. alyson.beck Enter your OSSES Password (caps only)

NOTE: If you DO NOT know your OSSES ID/Password, eSIMS ID and PIN
Click on " What is my login information/Change My Password " link
Enter your Student SSN (Social Security Number) Ex. 123456789.
Enter your Date of Birth Ex. 12251987 (MMDDYYYY).
Clink on the link

  • I tried to log into OSSES, but I get a "Authorization Error" message. How can I log into my OSSES account?
  • If you know the answers to your three (3) challenge questions, you are able to change your password and then log in. 
  • If you do not remember the answers to your challenge questions, you must contact the Help Desk for assistance at 718.289.5970 or helpdesk@bcc.cuny.edu.
  • If you have not registered your three (3) challenge questions, you must contact the Help Desk for assistance at 718.289.5970 or helpdesk@bcc.cuny.edu.
  • How can I change my OSSES/Network ID Password?

If you know your OSSES login information, login to OSSES (https://wa01.bcc.cuny.edu) and click on the Change My Password link. This process will ask you to register your challenge questions and answers. Once you have registered your questions and answers, you will be able to change your password at your convenience.

  • Can I change my password to OSSES?

Yes effective March of 2010 all students can change their OSSES password. First, students are required to pick three questions from the list of questions provided. Once these questions are answered, you may change the password. The password change will affect your OSSES ID, your network ID, and your wireless accounts as the credentials are all the same. Note: passwords must be changed every 90 days.

  • How do I know when my OSSES password will expire?

When you log into OSSES, you will see a message indicating the date your password will expire, as well as, how many days are left before it expires.

  • How do I withdraw from a class in OSSES?

Follow the following instructions;

  1. Locate the "Withdrawals" link under the Enrollment column in OSSES.
  2. When the page load read the information provided scroll down and click the " Proceed" button if you wish to continual with the withdrawal of your class\classes. If you wish not to click "Closed".
  3. On the withdrawal page locate the class or classes you wish to drop and click on "withdraw" button located under the action column.
  4. Check the box with the statement "I have read the above statements and I understand my academic and financial implications."
  5. Then click on the red "Submit My Withdrawal Request"
  6. You will need to complete two questions that you will be ask then click "Submit" you should see **Your request was submitted**
  • What is the forum?

The forum is a form of communication you can share information and start topics of discussion. It is only shared by those with access to OSSES. You can post questions or concerns, sell and buy books

  • What is the classified?

Classified is where you can sell your books or other items. To create a classified, click on the link when logged in OSSES and on top of page click "Create New Classified".  You can also reply to a classified, update and delete any ads you have posted.

  • What is eMessages?

eMessages are similar to sending an instant message. When you send an eMessage the recipient will receive both an eMassage, which will appear on the top of the Osses page and an email message in their inbox.

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