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Frequently Asked Questions (Faculty/Staff)

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Broadcast & Electronic Messages

  • How do I post a message on the electronic message board in front of Meister Hall?
Message to be posted must be sent to Dean Taylor for approval.

Messages need to be kept short.  Approved messages must be received by IT a minimum of 1 week before start time of message. 

One message per screen ( 4 lines maximum)

Lines 1, 2, 3 up to 24 characters each line;
Line 4 up to 15 characters

Advisement &
Registration for Fall 10
Semester will take place
on 6/9 & 6/10.

IT will NOT truncate messages.
Requestor must provide starting & ending time for the message.

  • How do I send out a broadcast to the campus community?

We have (4) distribution lists (under the Exchange email system) for broadcasting:

AllFaculty   AllStaff   AllCabinet   GAL = includes all groups

Broadcasts to students is now sent through the Windows Live email system.

The VPs of Administration & Finance, Academic Affairs, Student Development and Institutional Advancement have each designated several members to review and approve messages, pertaining to their division, before being broadcasted.

Broadcast Approvers

Office of the President                                            
President Berotte Joseph
Carmen Vasquez

Office of Academic Affairs 
VP Schrader
Dean David Hadaller

Ayechia Perez
Diana Martell

Office of Strategic Initiatives
VP Eddy Bayardelle
Carin Savage
Diane Weathers
Sarah Garrett

Office of Student Affairs
VP Athos Brewer
Dean Bernard Gantt

Office of Administration & Finance
SVP Mary Coleman
Alyce Zimerman

Loic Audusseau


Procedure for Broadcasts
  1. Requestor sends the broadcast request to a designated approver in their own Division.  For example, requestors from the Academic Departments must send their broadcast requests to one of the designated approvers in Academic Affairs.
  2. The Division approver reviews the broadcast message and makes any necessary changes or corrections.  IT is not responsible for proofreading the contents of broadcasts.
  3. The Division approver will forward the message to IT’s wanda.santiago@bcc.cuny.edu and sammy.henry@bcc.cuny.edu with instructions as to the target audience:  faculty and staff, students or all members of the college community.
  4. Broadcast is sent out by IT in as timely a way as possible; i.e., as network traffic will allow.  IT is limited to sending broadcasts at 30-minute intervals. 
Things to Keep In Mind
  • While the broadcast subject will read as coming from the department sending it, the message itself must be attributed to a particular person, usually its creator, not just a department.
  • The email system we use for broadcasting does not allow for graphics to be embedded in the body of the message.  Therefore, any announcements containing images should be setup as a flyer, which can be attached to the broadcast.  Total maximum size for attachment(s) per broadcast message is 200kb or less.
  • For attachments larger than 200kb, we will provide a link at the bottom of the email directing the recipients to the file.
  • Broadcasts regarding an event should be sent a minimum of a week before it is to take place.
  • Except in emergent situations, broadcasts are sent Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.
  • IT does not send out repeat broadcasts.  However, for future reference, approvers may request that broadcast messages be posted to the BCC website under the appropriate Announcements heading.


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