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Online Course Development Using the Blackboard System

Participants in this program engage in a six-month cycle of training, preparation of course material, and carefully sequenced activities leading to delivery of a partially (“hybrid”) or completely (“asynchronous”) online course using the Blackboard learning management system. Two levels of programming are available: Level 1, for first-time online instructors, and Level 2, for experienced online instructors who wish to revise and redesign their course. For both groups, the sequence of program activities is as follows:

  • Summer – face-to-face meetings, held in early June, followed by online course development activities which meet specified, sequential goals.
  • Online Course Development
    Podcasting and Web 2.0 Faculty Development Programs
    Learning by Design (Title V)
  • Fall semester (Level 1) – delivery of a transitional web-enhanced version of the course selected for development. )"Web-enhanced" means a normal classroom schedule while using a Blackboard site to house documents, provide resources, and offer additional learning activities.) Participants also meet once per month during the fall term to share experiences and troubleshoot difficulties. Level 2 participants deliver their redesigned course during the fall semester.
  • Spring semester (Level 1) – delivery of a hybrid or asynchronous version of the course. This program structure follows the pattern first introduced at BCC in 2005, and which adds well-designed, well-taught courses to BCC's online offerings each year. Participants collaborate with faculty mentors during all stages of the program, from June face-to-face meetings and online summer course development to fall “web-enhanced” course delivery and the spring hybrid/asynchronous course delivery. Mentors are BCC faculty members who are experienced and skilled online instructors. Participants receive a stipend, paid in increments corresponding to achievement of program benchmarks.
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