Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


The Bronx Community College Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics Scholarship Program

Application Form



Contact Information:

  Name                                                    SSN/Student #                                                              

  Phone                                                                   E-mail                                                          

                    Home                    Work                 Cell                                                                                 


                   Street and Number, Apt #                       City                                                         State        Zip                                                           

  Department                                         Major                                                                             

  Credits Completed            Overall GPA              Degree Sought                 Date Expected            

  Citizenship:         United States—Submit copy of birth certificate, passport or other proof of citizenship

                            Permanent Resident—Submit copy of green card                          

  Date you submitted Pell Grant Application (FAFSA):                                                                   



  High School Attended                                                        Date of Graduation                            

  Colleges attended other than BCC                                                                                             

  College English Courses Completed                                                                                          

  College Mathematics Courses Completed                                                                                  

Work Experience:

Company Name  Job Title Dates Supervisor  Phone


Attach two short essays: (1) Describe your current academic goals; (2) Describe your future plans.  You may include special circumstances you would like us to consider.  Your name and SSN must appear on each attachment.

Give a faculty recommendation form to two of your professors.  Be sure to fill out the top part of the form.  If you have work experience, you can also get a letter of recommendation from one of your supervisors. 

                                                                                                                                               Signature                                                                                          Date