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Why Study Abroad

Study & Volunteer Abroad

Although Bronx Community College does not directly sponsor study or volunteer abroad programs, we strongly encourage qualified students to participate in these international programs.  These experiences offer valuable global insights and the opportunity to expand horizons.  Students who participate in international study and volunteer abroad programs come home with a new view of the world that leads to greater participation and engagement. Students emerge from their programs with increased self-confidence and are highly motivated to more actively engaged in the learning process.  Employers and universities often place value on these experiences as well.

While most programs are not inexpensive, with careful planning and familiarity about available scholarships, many programs are affordable—especially the short-term programs. International volunteerism or study is an investment in your future.

Why Study or Volunteer Abroad?

10 Reasons Why:

  • Offers a unique opportunity to learn about yourself and others in a global setting
  • Awards college credits towards your degrees
  • Supports your transferability to a four-year college
  • Prepares you for independent work
  • Enhances your employment opportunities after college
  • Introduces you to different viewpoints and perspectives
  • Provides new cultural experiences
  • Enables you to visit places you have learned about
  • Opens internship possibilities in international programs
  • Allows you to network and share information with students from other institutions globally

What BCC Students Say

Study Abroad – China

“The events that transpired in China will forever be echoed in my memory.  It was by far the greatest experience of my life. The things that I saw, and the friends that I made, will forever be part of me. China will always hold a special place in my heart, for it gave me hope – the hope that global unity and understanding may one day lead to world peace, and that hope has become my dream.”
– Isamari Puello / Study Abroad – China

Study Abroad – Salzburg

“The Salzburg Global Seminar International Study Program has awakened a part of me that has lain dormant for far too long. Through the various seminars, participants, and experiences, the ISP has contributed enormously to my growth as a global citizen and has given me the experience of a lifetime.”
– Manny Mejia / Study Abroad – Salzburg

Study Abroad – Salzburg

“Participating in the ISP changed my life in so many ways.  I shed skin there and the new one is still surfacing.” 
– Hilda Herrera / Study Abroad – Salzburg

Volunteer Abroad – Ghana

“As I embark on a new career in nursing, I know I will be taking this [volunteer abroad] experience and make it my goal to work towards teaching my community how to better improve their health.”
– Roman Ferede / Volunteer Abroad – Ghana

Volunteer Abroad – Jamaica

“I really feel that this volunteer mission has rounded me as an individual, and I feel that it is extremely important that others be able to receive this same opportunity. I feel bonded to the world. It is now important to me that others have the same opportunities that I have.”
– Natasha Yates / Volunteer Abroad – Jamaica

Study Abroad – Salzburg

“I came back home a different person, and I know that I am a different person.  I owe that all to being able to study abroad in another country among a different culture which will have an everlasting effect on me for the rest of my life.”
– Charlotta McNaughton / Study Abroad – Salzburg

Study Abroad – Peru

“ The most valuable lesson of my trip to Peru was to see how a small town can live in harmony with nature, without the material world paranoia that is often seen in the more developed nations. Being there changed my life in so many ways.”
– Daniel Robles / Study Abroad – Peru

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