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Property Mgmt./Central Receiving

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Property Management Supply Requisition

The updated BCC Supply Requisition Form lists items that you can still order from Central Receiving. Please discard ALL precious versions of the requisition and save the one that is attached. Effective immediately request made using any version other than the attached will not be honored.
Supply Requisiton Form

The steps for submitting the form are as follow:

  1. In the “PROTECTED VIEW” Ribbon Click “Enable Editing.”
  2. Fill in the required information and select the item(s) you need.
  3. Save the file then click submit.

Equipment Loan Approval

To be completed by the supervisor and the person to whom the college property will be issued; then sent to the Business Office for approval.
Equipment Loan Approval Form


Loaned equipment also includes items purchased by PIs for which the College is required to account for during the annual inventory. If the equipment item(s) is for faculty/staff to use off campus, kindly complete the attached Equipment Loan Approval Form and sent to the Business Office, Colston Hall 816 for approval. The "Requested by:" portion of the form is to be completed by the supervisor of the person to whom the equipment will be issued. The supervisor must indicate whether the loan is job related and why; and if the employee receiving the equipment is currently in possession of any college owned electronic mobile device. Enter the required information for the person receiving the equipment in the "Requested For:" portion of the form. Please note handwritten forms are not acceptable, and will be returned.

If the person receiving the equipment is currently in possession of either a college laptop, tablet PC, iPad or netbook, he/she must returned it to Property Management prior to receiving the one purchased on their behalf. If you are replacing a device that was lost/stolen, you must provide Property Management with a copy of the Incident/Police Report prior to delivery of the replacement.

Equipment purchased by or issued to a unit/department/program must not leave the campus without written permission from the office of the VP of Administration & Finance or Executive Director for Financial and Business Services. Equipment taken from the campus without proper authorization will be deemed stolen and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


College policy prohibits the delivery of equipment items before receiving all information relating to the inventory and security of the equipment.

Equipment Transfer and Relinquishment Form

To facilitate compliance with the policies and procedures of the University regarding the transfer and disposal of equipment, Property Management has developed an Equipment Transfer Form and a Relinquishment Form.These forms must be used to properly transfer or dispose of college owned inventorial and none inventorial assets as described below.

Equipment Transfer Form
Reliquishment Form

attached are the newest versions of both forms. Please save these two documents for current and future use and delete any previous equipment transfer/disposal forms from your computer. Effective immediately we will not honor requests submitted on any other Relinquishment or Transfer forms.

Complete the Transfer Form when moving equipment within a department or between departments. Send all completed transfer forms to the Property Management Office. Upon receipt of your request, the Property Manager will take the necessary steps to have the items transferred from your location. Please note, Property Management will return all hand written forms, and forms lacking required information.

Use the Relinquishment Form when relinquishing obsolete or unwanted equipment, such as PCs, furniture, televisions, tape and video recorders, printers, etc. As per the Office of Surplus Activities, List each piece of equipment, from mouse to monitor, must be listed separately on the Relinquishment Form. Do not combine items, such as five keyboards or ten mice. For each of the following items on the form, please follow these guidelines:

  • Processor Type: For most computers, you can find the information on the Intel ® sticker on the front panel. However if you are unsure of the type of processor, you may check with the Help Desk.
  • Monitor Type: indicate display color, and screen size
  • Printer Type: clearly indicate whether Dot matrix, LaserJet, or inkjet
  • Tag Number: If you are unsure of a tag number, you may obtain the number from your department’s inventorial assets list by cross checking the serial number. If you do not provide both serial number and tag numbers, the equipment you are relinquishing will remain active in your department’s inventorial assets.

E-mail completed Equipment Relinquishment Form to Property Management. No hard copy required. Upon retrieval of the relinquished equipment, the department head or designee will be required to sign an electronic copy of the form. Please note, Property Management will return all hand written forms, and forms lacking required information.

Property Management & Central Receiving will submit the necessary work order requests to have the item(s) listed removed from your department or office

It is essential that you use the above forms to the Property Management of your decision to move or dispose of College property. Any other method used to transfer or dispose of College property will be improper and will contravene the University’s rules. Additionally, the information supplied in these forms helps to maintain the accuracy of the College’s inventory database.

Please share this information with your staff. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.  If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, please contact the Property Management Office at extensions 5261/5262

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