Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE)

COACHE is a research-practice partnership at Harvard Graduate School of Education, focused on the study of postsecondary faculty experience at different institutions.  Among 250 other colleges, universities, community colleges and systems, CUNY has partnered with COACHE, using their surveys and approaches to examine the faculty experience throughout our system.

The members of BCC’s COACHE Implementation Committee created this page to address questions BCC faculty may have about the survey as well as report on previous COACHE results with information on how issues of diversity and inclusion on campus were addressed using the results.

The committee will be working on disseminating the results of the 2019 survey throughout the Fall semester. During Spring 2020, we will be working on finalizing recommendations for the administration related to the survey results.

COACHE Town hall meeting

Click the movie above to watch the town hall from Friday, November 15, 2019.

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Surveys and Reports

COACHE Implementation Committee – Fall 2020

Luis Montenegro
Dean of Academic Affairs

Katherine Acevedo-Coppa
Academic Affairs Manager for Special Projects

Roni Ben-Nun
Art & Music Dept.

Grisel Acosta
English Language and Literature Dept.

Chris Efthimiou
Director of Institutional Research

Monique Guishard
Social Sciences Dept.

Franklin Moore
Business and Information Systems Dept.

Jessenia Paoli
Chief Diversity Officer
ADA and Title IX Compliance Coordinator


Meeting Schedule

Fall 2019 meetings: Oct. 2, Oct. 23, Nov. 6, Nov. 13, Nov. 20, Dec. 11

Spring 2020 meetings: Jan. 29, Feb. 19, Mar. 11, Mar. 25, Apr. 22, May 6

BCC broadcast dated: October 2, 2019

Dear Faculty,

I am writing to update you on the results of the Harvard Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (“COACHE”) survey of Faculty, administered this past Spring 2019. I am confident that this first communication is the beginning of a discussion that will lead to meaningful progress in multiple areas.

I would like to thank you for participating in this important survey and to update you on what has transpired since Spring 2019.

A summary COACHE report was prepared for Bronx Community College and shared with the BCC COACHE Implementation Task Force this summer. This report is linked to the BCC COACHE webpage and can be accessed here.

A one-page summary of the survey results was compiled by our Office of Institutional Research. It is also linked to the COACHE webpage.

We are happy to report that a higher percentage of Faculty completed the survey than when it was last administered in Spring 2015. This increased participation helps ensure that the data received, and resulting data analysis, is as representative of all BCC Faculty as possible.

The summary report indicates that there has been an improvement in reported satisfaction in almost all categories in the COACHE survey since 2015. This is an indication that BCC is perceived as moving in the right direction in most areas reported. However, it is important to note that our overall results, while better than 2015, are still low in comparison with peers in CUNY and leave room for improvements. Additionally, even in areas where the College has improved, there are differences in views depending on Faculty characteristics. Areas of concern clearly remain, and we need to address them.

The COACHE Task Force will continue to work with my Office to disseminate the results of this survey and engage our campus community in discussions on how to make meaningful improvements. A Town Hall meeting is being scheduled for Friday, November 15th at 10 am – noon to share the results of the survey and begin this important discussion. The location will be announced in the upcoming weeks and posted on the College Calendar.

Note: The preliminary summary includes results of a survey of our Adjunct Faculty conducted at the same time as the COACHE survey last Spring. Results of this survey will be disseminated along with the COACHE survey. I encourage both our full-time and Adjunct Faculty to attend the Town Hall meeting to share your views.


Thank you,

Thomas A. Isekenegbe, Ph.D.


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