Building a Community of Excellence to Assure a Quality Education.

BCC is preparing to have our accreditation renewed by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) — and we’d like you to be as part of it.  You can begin by viewing our self-study and provide your feedback on our survey.

In our last post, we asked you how well BCC was fulfilling our mission statement. Now we would like you to read our Vision Statement, which also appears in many of our publications.


We will actively invest in each student’s success by engaging with them in an integrative and supportive environment that facilitates the development and achievement of their educational and career goals. Graduates will be prepared to understand, thrive in and contribute to a 21st-century global community marked by diversity, change and expanded opportunities for lifelong learning and growth.

You can now answer this question as completely as you wish. Those who contribute a particularly compelling answer may be asked to repeat it in a planned video.

Do you feel that Bronx Community College has actively invested in and engaged with you in a way that is helping you prepare for and take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead in your Life?


How do you help engage and prepare our students to achieve their goals and prepare them to thrive in today’s global community?

Faculty and Staff

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