We serve students of diverse backgrounds, preparations and aspirations by providing them with an education that is both broad in scope and rigorous in its standards. We offer students access to academic preparation that provides them with the foundation and tools for success in their educational and professional plans.  We instill in them the value of informed and engaged citizenship and service to their communities.


We will effectively invest in the success of all students. We will engage with them in an integrative and supportive environment that facilitates the development and achievement of their educational and career goals. Graduates will be prepared to understand, thrive in and contribute to a 21st-century global community marked by diversity, change and expanding opportunities for lifelong learning and growth.


Respect  ~  Integrity ~ Engagement ~ Excellence ~ Empowerment

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan, Building a Community of Excellence: 2015-20, is designed to improve student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness. It calls for a systematic effort to promote learning-centered and evidence-based pedagogy across the curriculum and in the activities of all administrative departments.

The Plan emerged from a campus-wide assessment and analysis and was unanimously approved by the College Senate in December 2014. The overarching goal of the Plan is to institutionalize effective practice, characterized by a campus culture that:

  1. fosters evidence-based decision making
  2. promotes mentoring of faculty, staff and students
  3. facilitates collaboration, alignment and integration

Corresponding with the Strategic Plan, the College has developed a five-year Implementation Plan, which includes clearly articulated objectives, major efforts and expected products and outcomes for each of the Plan’s major goals.

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