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Introduction to BCC Navigate!

Welcome to BCC Navigate at Bronx Community College! Navigate is a comprehensive student support platform designed to streamline various aspects of student services, academic advising, and faculty-student interactions. Our goal is to enhance the overall student experience and improve academic outcomes through effective communication and support.
Beginning in Fall 2024, BCC Navigate will replace Starfish as our primary platform for student support. This transition aims to provide a more robust and user-friendly experience for both faculty and students.

Features and Tools for Faculty/Staff

Student Progress Monitoring
BCC Navigate allows you to easily track and monitor the academic progress of your students. You can view grades, attendance records, and other critical academic information in one place, making it easier to identify and support students who may be at risk.

Appointment Scheduling
Navigate simplifies the process of scheduling appointments with your students. You can set your availability, and students can book appointments directly through the platform. This feature helps reduce scheduling conflicts and ensures you have dedicated time for one-on-one meetings.

Early Alerts and Notifications
The platform enables you to send early alerts to students who may need additional support. You can set up notifications for various academic milestones and deadlines, ensuring students stay on track throughout the semester.

Communication Tools
Navigate offers integrated communication tools, including email and text messaging, to facilitate seamless interactions with your students. These tools help you stay connected and provide timely feedback and support.

Resource Access
Faculty can access a variety of resources, including advising notes and student success plans directly through the Navigate platform. This centralized access ensures you have all the information you need to effectively support your students.

How to Access BCC Navigate

Getting started with Navigate is simple. Use your CUNY credentials to access the site using this link: https://bronx-cuny.campus.eab.com/home

BCC Navigate Help Center

BCC Navigate includes a comprehensive help center within the platform. To access it, click on the “?” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page and select “Help Center.” The help center offers a variety of resources, including articles, videos, and toolkits for all Navigate features.

Quick Start Guide

Professor Home
The Professor Home page in Navigate is a dedicated hub for faculty members. It provides essential tools for tasks such as completing progress reports, viewing student academic records, and accessing advisement notes. Depending on your role in Navigate, the Professor Home may not appear automatically. You can always switch between Professor and Staff roles by clicking the Home icon in the sidebar and selecting either Staff Home or Professor Home.
Learn more about Professor Home

Staff Home
The Staff Home page in Navigate is the primary hub for users, offering essential tools for student success tasks. It usually opens automatically when you log in and can also be accessed by clicking the Home icon in the left toolbar. This page serves as the main landing area for staff members.
Learn more about Staff Home

The Conversations page in Navigate shows all communications sent or received through the platform. This feature helps faculty and staff keep track of their interactions with students, ensuring effective communication and follow-up.
Learn more about Conversations

The Navigate calendar displays a user’s scheduled appointments, classes, events, and busy times. It synchronizes exclusively with the BCC Outlook calendar. For students, Navigate shows faculty availability without displaying details of calendar meetings and appointments. Non-available times are marked as “busy” to students.
Learn more about the Calendar

To-Do’s in Navigate allow staff members to create reminders for themselves regarding specific students. These reminders can also be configured to display to the student in the Navigate Student mobile app, ensuring both staff and students stay on track.
Learn more about To-Do’s

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