Clubs & Organizations

We have more than 35 clubs and organizations that connect you to the academic, cultural, and social aspects of campus life. You can join an existing club or start a new club with other students based on similar interests.

Forms to complete in order to start and/or recertify

In order to start a club, students must submit the following:

  1. A completed Club Registration Form
  2. A Budget Request Form
  3.  A Club Constitution

Returning clubs must recertify every semester. In order to recertify, returning clubs must submit the following:

  1. A completed Club Registration Form
  2. A Budget Request Form

Forms and Templates to start or recertify a club:

Once chartered, clubs will be able to reserve space on campus and purchase food for events. In order to do so, clubs/organizations must submit the following forms:

All forms must be submitted to and confirm through the IOC Office Manager, Ms. Shermekia Pierce and the IOC Advisor, Dr. Yvonne Erazo.

Contact Us

Ms. Shermekia Pierce
Roscoe Brown Student Center, Room 309
Phone: 718-289-5194

Dr. Yvonne Erazo
Roscoe Brown Student Center, Room 312
Phone: 718-289-5903

National Society for Black Accountants (NABA):

To address the professional needs of its members and build leaders that shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in their successors.

Clarence Perkins:



American Chemical Society (ACS):

To support scientific inquiry in the field of chemistry.

Anthony Durante:

ME 704 (will occasionally meet in ME720/711 labs when with Advisor)

African Student Association:

To support African cultural diversity and awareness within the Bronx Community College community. To strengthen African values and traditions among students from African and its Diaspora. To support the successful academic and social transition of African students while endeavoring to stimulate critical discussion on issues relating to modern Africa and the immigration of Africans to the United States at BCC.

Eugene Adams:

NL 117

Art Club/Society for Artists:

Make the campus a more beautiful place by creating art for the school with different mediums and inspire creativity in all students.

Mary Jo Ben-Nun:

NH 24

ASEZ BCC – Save The Earth From A to Z Club:

An international group at BCC that consists of university volunteers affiliated with the Church of God. ASEZ strives to actively carry out diverse projects for the achievement of UN SDGs.

Dedra PoliteTBD

BCC Biology Club:

Designed to meet the needs of students who are particularly interested in the study of biology and biological sciences.

Raffaella Diotti:

ME 604

BCC Business Club:

To provide a network and information for students across the business and information systems’ curriculum.

Harini Mittal:

NH 31

BCC Film Society:

Provides students with screenings of films with background information beforehand (such as the history, making of and film significance for our community) and followed by Q&A with the filmmakers/experts on the subject matter in order to present how the power of cinema shapes our perceptions of the world around us.

Sarah Hanssen:


BCC History Club:

Provides an environment in which students can discuss their opinions, interests, and dislikes concerning history. In order to understand history you must first see its vitality to how the World is today and what it could have been.

Dr. Raquel Otheguy

BCC Media and Digital Film Club:

Students with a passion for the movies can share their love of film and get a chance to participate as paid production assistants and major pictures and television shows filmed on campus. MTFS members also produce their own short films and video for the annual BCC Film and Video Festival and enter them into national and international film festivals.

Jeffrey Wisotsky:

ME C02

BCC Track Club (Formerly Track Team Club):

To promote physical fitness around BCC Campus and Community to start a transformation that will promote health and wellness in others.

Luis A. Cortorreal:


Bronco Sport Tuner Car Club:

To create a place for like-minded automotive technicians and car enthusiasts to collaborate on designs, network with mechanic and engineering institutions and utilize learned mechanical skills to design and build go-carts.

Vicente Montero:



(Cosplay, Anime, Manga, Entertainment and Origin):

A creative group of students whose goal it is to share their appreciation for Japanese art and host annual video game tournaments.

Mary Jo Ben-Nun:

BL 104

College Discovery CD Club:

The mission of CD Club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive environment for students to promote civil engagement, in the BCC community. The club fosters fellowship, leadership, and responsible social conscience while also enhancing academic and social experience as a college student. The CD club welcomes all students from the BCC college community.

Alixan Delgado::

BL 104

Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society (XAE):

Recognizes students who excel academically, promote academic excellence in others, and to help those who genuinely aspire to the same goal.

Nathan Aiken:

LO 407

The Communicator:

Bronx Community College student newspaper. To inform, update, educate and inspire the College community.

Andrew Rowan:

NH 33

Creative Writing Club/Thesis:

To create and nurture a vibrant community of writers, reflecting the cultural, social, and political diversity of BCC and publish the literary magazine (Thesis).

Dr. Melissa Coss Aquino:

CO 629

CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities (CCSD):

To promote dignity and independence for all BCC students with disabilities.

Preston Burger:


Dance Workshop:

To learn and perform various dances for the College and local community.

Elizabeth Cahn:

AG 305

Dominican Cultural Club:

To promote awareness of the Dominican culture and educate other to the elements that depict our history, society, culture, and national identity.

Dr. Jacqueline Jimenez:


EGALITE Modeling Club:

To create an outlet for people who are interested in the fashion industry.

Kevin Bozelka:

ME 227
Entrepreneurship Club:

To provide a network and information for students interested in entrepreneurship.

Harini Mittal

ME 206

The English/Critical Writing Club:

Designed to meet the needs of students who are particularly interested in the study of English.

Michael Denbo:

CO 421

First Year Connection Club:

The FYC is a club for students by students. The mission is to offer an engaging and supportive experience for all first semester students who enter the Bronx Community College (BCC) community.

Robert Lupo:


Tica Frazer:


Food and Garden Club:

To provide an understanding of self-sufficiency in the urban environment, provide experience in gardening and create a sustainable food system.

Charmaine Aleong:

NI 203

Future Teacher’s Club:

To discuss and plan events focused on teaching and learning.

Dr. Barbara Flores-Caballero:

CO 436
The Justice/Paralegal Society Club:

To promote interests in the law and current events as they pertain to our society.

Franklin Moore:


Nikole Knight:

ME 226

Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Club:

To ensure that people who have a passion for Medical Laboratory Science can obtain the information needed to progress academically and professionally.

Diane Price:

ME 804

Muslim Student Association:

To provide information and education about Islamic culture to non-Muslim students and people of other cultures and to develop understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Hisseine Faradj:

NL 137

Nursing Club:

To educate the BCC campus and local area community about health related issues and give back to the community through volunteerism.

Dr. Virgena Bernard:



Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society:

To recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and provide opportunities for individual growth and development.

Tiffany Dubon:


NL 120

Radiology Club:

To bring together individuals of the radiology program and have a platform whereby they can be academically prepared for the challenges of radiographic patient positioning.

Vivian Rodriguez:

ME 331

Rainbow Alliance:

Provides resources and extracurricular activities that address the needs of LGBTQ students as well as the greater campus community.

Edwin Roman:

ME 226/BC 301

Sociology Club:

The purpose of this club is centered on societal means. The club will discuss different social issues and how it affects us. The goal is to help serve the community and in the process grow more aware of societal norms around us.

Stefan Bosworth:


Speech, Drama and Debate:

To provide BCC students with a platform outside of the classroom in which to practice, perform, and gain proficiency in oral communication.

Cheyenne Seymour:

CO 738

Spoken Word:

To express, improvise, recite and relay feedback of your works with friends.

Janet Robinson:

SA 100A

STEM Scholars Word:

To We seek to educate the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians and bring rigorous , meaningful research opportunities to Bronx Community College (BCC) students.

Dr. Seher Atamturktur

NL 136

Society for Plastic Engineers (S.P.E.)/Nanoscience:

To enhance the study of the plastic industry by increasing awareness among students, faculty and staff of the diverse ways in which the study of plastic is helping improve our lives.

Anthony Durante:

ME 704 (will occasionally meet in ME720/711 labs when with Advisor)

Tau Alpha Pi Honor Society:

Promote and encourage scholastic achievement and to recognize high standards of scholarship among students in engineering technology programs.

Ajaz Sana:


Hamad Khan:


CP 206
Tennis Club: Promote and encourage the practice and learning of tennis among students.Jonathan Scott:

CO 614

Theater Workshop:

Perform and assess theatrical performances and encourage theatrical involvement of the BCC campus community.

Ellen Mareneck:

CO 707

The Tutor’s Alliance Club:

To provide a forum for tutors across the curriculum at BCC.

Kenisha Thomas:

SA 100

The Video Gaming Club:

To provide fans of video games a place to congregate and compete against other players in a sanctioned and sportsmanlike environment. Also to provide students at BCC an opportunity to improve on their competitive video gaming technique, skills, hand-eye coordination, and social skills as well as to enhance education on gaming and other forms of technology that may eventually have direct impacts on our daily lives.

Carlos Cruz:

NL 141 (all club days with the exception of the dates below)

11/21 – NI 211B

12/5 – NL 105

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