The Student Leadership Institute/ SLI under the auspices of the Office of Student Life, seeks to cultivate student success through comprehensive leadership development programming, training, and advocacy that focuses on a student holistic experience.

Intentional programs and activities serve to enrich a student’s academic experience, develop their leadership acumen and provide a greater sense of self and purpose.


The Student Leadership Institute/SLI believes that all students have leadership potential; therefore, their skills, talents and gifts can be enhanced through leadership development programming, training and advocacy.  Students will become socially responsible leaders who work for positive change in their chosen fields and communities.

Student Leadership Institute/ SLI is dedicated to engaging students and the Bronx Community College community in campus life through intentional programs and resources that facilitate holistic leadership and professional development.

Building student leaders one hour at a time through leadership development and life lessons”

Contact Us

Office of Student Life
Roscoe Brown Student Center, Room 309

Email: Student.Life@bcc.cuny.edu

Phone: 718-289-5194

Student Leadership Institute Initiatives

  • Lunch with Leaders/LWL
  • LeaderShop Certificate Series/LCS
  • U LEAD Conference
  • Executive Leadership Mentoring Program/ELMP
  • Leadership Mentoring and Coaching
  • Annual Excellence in Leadership Awards

Student Leadership

We are committed to developing and offering opportunities for students to engage and explore the practice of leadership.

We offer a variety of leadership programs, workshops, mentorship, seminars, and events. We are also committed to helping connect students to additional opportunities on campus that meet similar goals.

Student Leadership Institute AwardsOur approach to leadership is embedded in theory, particularly the Social Change Model.  We believe that leadership can be learned.  We believe that leadership is not about a position of authority, but that all students have the capacity to affect positive change.

Student Leadership Institute Goals

The goals for the BCC Student Leadership Institute are to:

  • To build a strong foundation for student leadership development programming for Bronx Community College campus community
  • To recruit, train and induct students into the BCC Student Leadership Institute
  • To provide a comprehensive set of practical skills and tools through leadership practice
  • To encourage involvement in co-curricular activities that enhances leadership development and the academic experience
  • To create opportunities for students to gain confidence in their own abilities and develop the skills, ethics and vision necessary to help college organizations and the community
  • To provide building blocks that enable students to discover, and reflect upon their leadership capacity and efficacy.

The Higher Education Research Institute (1996, p. 16) describes leadership as

All people are potential leaders. Leadership involves collaborative relationships that lead to collective action grounded in the shared values of people who work together to effect positive change.”

Student Leaders 2019-2020

Bronx Community College “Bronco’s Best” Student Leader Award

  • Presented to Quiana Berry


Emerging Leader Awards
The “Emerging Leader of the Year” award recognizes a new club officer and/or member who most noticeably demonstrates initiative, motivation, and potential for continued student leadership within the club or organization. Nominators must include 2 examples of how the candidate demonstrated maturity, passion, and dedication to the club and/or organization.

  • Claude McCammon
  • Carmelo Quinones
  • Kelanny Estevez
  • Novsvell Lopez
  • Ama Afful
  • Raul Cobeo
  • Vishwanauth Persaud


Club Member of the Year
Candidates for the “Club Member of the Year” must hold a non-elected position within the organization. Nominees should demonstrate a positive attitude and motivation to drive the mission of the organization. Consistently completes tasks and duties with a high level of quality and positively influences other club members. Nominees must be in good academic standing.

  • Sierra Robinson


Rising Bronco Award
This award is presented to a first-year student who has made a great impact on the campus through;
+ Building bridges
+ Demonstrating Bronco Spirit
+ Shows initiative, motivation, and potential for continued student leadership
+ Having genuine pride in attending Bronx Community College
+ In good academic standing

  • Katherine Linares Sanchez


Club Officer(s) of The Year
Candidates for the “Club Officer of the year” have consistently gone above and beyond responsibilities to consistently improve their organization. Nominees should demonstrate teamwork, and the ability to inspire and encourage their peers. They consistently strive to create programs, policies or services to make the campus community better. Candidate must be in good academic standing and demonstrate exemplary leadership and character.

  • Luis Alvarez
  • Kayla Smith


Most Collaborative Club(s)
This award goes to a group of organizations (two or more) that have successfully worked together to sponsor or host an event or program that has benefited the IOC and/or the BCC campus community.

  • Dance Workshop
  • Egalite Modeling Club


Most Creative Club
This award recognizes a club or organization that has shown tremendous creativity and originality in “thinking outside the box.” This could include programming, membership recruitment, or creative marketing.

  • Spoken Word


Most Significant Campus Impact
This award recognizes a club or organization that has contributed time or support to programs and areas ON CAMPUS to better the BCC community.

  • CCSD


Outstanding Community Service
This award recognizes a club or organization that has contributed time or support to programs and areas OFF CAMPUS to better the BCC community and build relationships within the local area community.

  • PTK


Outstanding New Club
The “Outstanding New Club” award recognizes a club that was established this past school year and has demonstrated outstanding leadership, organization, made an effort to recruit new members, and shows potential to stay active for many years. The nomination must include 2 examples of the program in detail and include information regarding innovation, creativity in delivery, content, etc.

  • ASEZ


Most Outstanding Club of The Year
This award goes to the club or organization that planned and presented the best and most effective campus-wide programs/events and has exemplified outstanding achievements and organizational development among their peer organizations.

  • CCSD


BCC’s First Responders Leadership Award

  • The Nursing Club
  • The Radiology Club
  • The Medical Laboratory Technician Club


The “Return of The Mack” Award

  • Clifford Marshall II
  • Kathryn Arias-Kalinowski
  • Quiana Berry
  • Jazmin Caldwell
  • Anthony Cuevas
  • Christian Davila
  • Stephanie Dorleans
  • Jeffrey Ewell
  • Nicholas Fantauzzi III
  • Issac Gonzalez
  • Tynajah Jackson
  • Hope Agbeli-Kwao
  • Amber Lake
  • Chelsey Lopez
  • Celine Sanders
  • Diana Valenzuela
  • Quiana Berry
  • Christian Davila
  • Stephanie Dorleans
  • Jeffrey Ewell
  • Nicholas Fantauzzi III
  • AmberLake
  • Celine Sanders
  • Diana Valenzuela
  • Hayale Smith
  • Kayme Marcelino
  • Saikou Fadiga
  • Lennin Charalla-Quintanilla
  • Elias Dominguez
  • Claude McCammon
  • Mikayla Sumter-Malone

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