Tuition is charged each semester and should be paid in full by the payment due date. All tuition and fees charges are subject to change at any time by action of The City University of New York (CUNY) Board of Trustees without prior notice. In the event of an increase in the tuition or fees charges, payments already made to the College will be treated as a partial payment and notification will be given of the additional amount due and the time and method for payment.

Full-Time Degree Students | $2,400 per semester
New York City resident or New York State resident with a Certificate of Residence

Non-New York State resident, including international (foreign) students $320 per credit/hour and New York State residents not eligible for a Certificate of Residence

Part-Time Degree Students | $210 per credit/hour
(fewer than 12 credit weight)

New York City resident or New York State resident with Certificate of Residence

Non-degree Students | $265 per credit/hour
New York City resident

Non-degree Students
Non-resident, including international student
$420 per credit/hour

Courses where tuition is based on hours rather than credits:
Remedial courses at the College are charged based on the number of contact hours – not credits (except CHM 2*) — that the courses are scheduled to meet.

Developmental courses are also calculated based on the number of contact hours that the course is scheduled to meet. There are two developmental courses currently offered at the college. ENG 110 is a three credit course, for which tuition is calculated based on five contact hours it is scheduled to meet. (ENG 110 also has a 6th non-billable conference hour) HIS 11 is a three credit course and the tuition is based on the four hours it is scheduled to meet.

*    CHM 2 is a five-hour remedial course. The tuition charged for CHM 2 is calculated based on four hours not five, as this remedial course has a lab component.

Gainful Employment (GE) Disclosures – Certificate Programs

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