Student Activity Fee utilization at BCC includes, but is not limited to:

  • Commencement and Graduation Award Ceremony
  • Printing of graduation diplomas
  • Purchase of diploma covers
  • Support for the Early Childcare Center​
  • Purchase of Athletics equipment and transportation to and from away games
  • Funding for Student Government Association and University Student Senate
  • Funding for all Chartered Student Clubs and College Wide Organizations
  • Funding for student centered events and activities including leadership opportunities, conferences, New Student Orientation, Freshman Convocation
  • Improvements to College Facilities
  • Funding for study abroad opportunities​
  • Funding for BCC Art Gallery and Music Performances
  • Funding for various health services and medical supplies for students

Common Questions and Answers about Student Activity Fees:

Student activity fees funds student groups, services and programs for students and Bronx Community College. Students pay student activity fees along with their tuition payment. The amount of student activity fees varies from campus to campus at CUNY.

At Bronx Community College, full time students pay $58.15; part time students pay $33.15. The amount of student activity fees varies from campus to campus at CUNY anywhere from around $40 to about $165

Student activity fees are paid each fall, spring and summer semester a student is registered for classes.

Any student who withdraws prior to the first day of classes will be refunded the student activity fee.

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