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Continuum of Greatness

The Continuum of Greatness Initiative at Bronx Community College The Hall of Fame for Great Americans, is a landmark historic site on the Bronx Community College(BCC) campus.  Within a 630-foot-long neo-classical Colonnade designed by Stanford White in 1900, stand ninety-eight bronze busts honoring great Americans, and constituting one of the nation's finest portrait collections.  The magnificent site, honoring poets, scientists, statesman, inventors, and educators, was a catalyst for critical inquiry during two recent summer seminars for faculty sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities.  As an extension of this work, the college has embarked on a "Continuum of Greatness Initiative" which furthers the general education goals of the college.  In pursuing this initiative, we will use the historic site as a catalyst for learning, challenging students to pose questions that promote an understanding of the evolution of our society, and to use this understanding to develop and practice civic responsibility.

The Hall of Fame for Great Americans
Alexander Graham Bell
1847 - 1922
Gould Memorial Library Religion in America
1603 - 1758
  Andrew Jackson
Henry David Thoreau
Samuel Finley Breese Morse
1791- 1872
  Benjamin Franklin
Horace Mann
1796 – 1859
Thomas Alva Edison
1847 -1931
  Booker T. Washington
1856 – 1915
John Greenleaf Whittier
Walt Whitman
  Maria Mitchell
Walter Reed
1851 - 1902
  Edgar Allan Poe
1809 -1849
Peter Cooper
1791 - 1883
   The Wright Brothers
1867 – 1912, 1871 – 1948
Poster Contest

The Continuum of Greatness Project sponsored by CTE is a multi-faceted attempt to engage our students’ deep learning by focusing on various aspects of the national landmark Hall of Fame for Great Americans. Last semester, in conjunction with the Office of Student Life, a poster contest was initiated. Students were challenged to create a poster that represented the idea of the continuum of greatness, incorporating notions of the past and the present. Professor Lisa Amowitz’s Digital Illustration class took up the challenge. The four criteria for selecting three winners (three hundred dollar prize each) were: express the idea of the continuum of greatness; follow directions given by the professor; meet technical standards and have aesthetic appeal. President Carolyn Williams, Melissa Kirk (Director of Student Life), Harriet Shenkman (Director of CTE), Lisa Amowitz (Professor, Art and Music), Vincent Bonelli (Professor, History) and Chrystal Joseph (student) served as judges. All agreed that the student work was remarkable, and all twelve posters submitted would be displayed in an exhibit by CTE and Student Life. The three student winners were Allie Rodriguez, Julio Torres, Jr. and Carlos Rodriguez.

Three Winning Designs

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