The Writing Intensive Faculty Certification Program provides instruction, modeling, and assistance to faculty in the design and delivery of a Writing Intensive (WI) course.

Now accepting applications for the
Jan-2019 program (Due Dec 10th)

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Program Description

The Writing Intensive Faculty Certification Program will help faculty design a Writing Intensive course, a graduation requirement for our students. A course section designated as Writing Intensive (WI) is a section of a course, in which there are both formal and informal writing assignments. WI courses are capped at 22 students and include writing-to-learn activities such as journals, self-assessments, and brief, low-stakes essays as well as graded formal papers. All BCC students are required to take 2 WI courses to graduate.

Eligibility is open to full-time faculty, as well as to part-time faculty (part-time adjuncts need to have worked at least six consecutive semesters at BCC).

Application Deadline: Dec 10th, 2018

Applicants will be notified of their program acceptance via email by Dec 18th, 2018.


  • To support participants in designing effective Writing Intensive courses
    • To increase student writing proficiency outlined in the pedagogical and curricular goals of Pathways General Education, Accelerated Study in Associated Programs (ASAP), and Coordinated Undergraduate Education (CUE)
    • To integrate writing into different disciplines on the premise that writing is highly situated and tied to a field’s discourse and ways of knowing, and therefore writing is most effectively guided by those with expertise in that discipline
    • To promote thoughtful pedagogy and curriculum design as well as community among faculty that transcends disciplinary boundaries


Successful applicants will engage in a cycle of training, development of course material and instructional application for Spring 2019 course delivery. The sequence of program activities is as follows:

  1. i) January 2019
    1 on-campus meeting on Wednesday January 23rd 10am-4pm (Philosophy Hall room B-02)
    • 2 online meetings via Blackboard
  2. ii) Spring 2019
    2 online meetings via Blackboard
    • Collaboration with a Writing Fellow
    • Submission of Writing Intensive course syllabus and assignments

iii) Fall 2019
• Teach a Writing Intensive course
• Submission of reflective statement and sample student work


Participants must
• Be full-time faculty or part-time faculty who taught at BCC for at least 6 semesters
• Not have participated before in a Writing Intensive certification program
• Commit to program goals of developing a Writing Intensive course
• Participate in all program activities and meetings
• Must not participate in other faculty development programs during January 2019.


Meeting Dates

All meetings (both online and face-to-face) are considered mandatory (in the event of extenuating circumstances, acknowledgements/arrangements must be made in advance). The program meeting dates/times follow:

  • 1 on-campus meeting on Wednesday January 23rd 10am-4pm (PH B-02);
    • 4 additional online meetings via Blackboard during the Spring 2019.


Participants will:
• Submit a Writing Intensive course syllabus and assignments by the agreed deadline in Spring 2019;
• Teach a Writing Intensive course in Fall 2019 and submit a reflective and sample student work by the end of the Fall 2019 semester.



Compensation will total six (6) hours at the participant’s non-teaching adjunct rate plus one (1) hour of release time for full-time faculty or 25 hours at the non-teaching adjunct rate for adjuncts.

Compensation will be made consistent with all applicable contract guidelines.

Selection Criteria

While we will make every effort to include all faculty members that apply, if there are more applicants than we can accommodate, we will take into account student course demand and disciplinary diversity of the cohort into account. Faculty who teach in a discipline with few or no WI course offerings are encouraged to apply.



Next Meeting(s):

  • Wed. Jan 23rd, ’19, 9 am – 4 pm, PH B-02

Seminar Mentors:

Giulia Guarnieri

Swan Kim

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