Five Core Values

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Here is your latest chance to help us prepare for the reaccreditation of Bronx Community College.

At Bronx Community College, we have five core values that highlight what we stand for and guide our behavior, decisions and actions.

An easy way to remember these is by simply using an Anagram of our very own Vice President for Student Services, Irene R. Delgado.







Please respond to the question.

Can you give an example of how any or all of our five core values have been implemented in your life at Bronx Community College?


How have you integrated our five core values a part of your approach?

Faculty and Staff

Those who contribute a particularly compelling answer may be asked to repeat it in a planned video.

Bronx Community College is a college that is perfect for all and any kind of student. Whether it be financial concerns, academic concerns, emotional, mental or physical, BCC is the place to be. I’ve went through the highs and lows in life and I always knew I could accomplish my goals through them. I just graduated yesterday and it still feels surreal.” – Jessica Bgs

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