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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive course credits for study abroad?
Course credit is offered for the CUNY study abroad courses.  Students who are accepted for the Salzburg Global Seminar’s International Study Program are required to register for a three-credit honors course, English 99: Introduction to Global Citizenship.

Will I be able to meet other students enrolled in my program prior to departure?
You will have the chance to meet other students going to CUNY Study Abroad and the Salzburg Global Seminar’s International Study Program before you travel.  The Salzburg group travels together but CUNY Study Abroad students make their own arrangements.  Ask for a list of students in your CUNY Study Abroad Program.  By meeting beforehand you might arrange to travel with other students in your program.
For other study and volunteer abroad experiences, ask the program office to see who else from the metropolitan area will be traveling to your location.  Take the initiative to meet them before you leave, if at all possible.

Will I have a roommate?
Some programs will offer single-room accommodations, but many others require students to share rooms.  Make sure you check the policy of the program for which you have been accepted.  If you know other students going to the same program, it may be possible to select a roommate who you already know.

What should I pack?
Pack sensibly and as lightly as possible.  Airlines may charge very high fees for excess baggage weight.  Be sure to check with your airlines as to their baggage policy.  Also, check the weather in your destination and pack accordingly.  Depending on where you will be going, the weather may be drastically different from that in New York. 
Of course, you may want to take your laptop and other personal electronic devices, such as iPods or MP3 players.  Make sure you have the proper adapters that will allow you to use your devices.
Check with the program about what will be provided in your rooms.  Many programs will have items like hair dryers and irons available for student use.

Will I be able to visit other places while I am participating in a study or volunteer abroad program?
Your program may provide other travel opportunities while you are there.  If so, determine whether or not the costs are included in your program fees. If not, you need to decide before you leave which trips you will make, and put money aside for them.
If the program does not offer additional travel opportunities, you should determine, if the program allows, where you might want to go and when. Then, you should check local transportation schedules and plan for those costs.


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