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Global Learning Outcomes

Bronx Community College Global Learning Outcomes

The following outcomes, drafted by Dr. Julie Bolt, Department of English, were presented to the Global Initiative Steering Committee in Spring 2009 and were accepted by the full committee.

Bronx Community College’s Global Learning Outcomes reflect the American Council on Education’s Statement of International Learning Outcomes – as well as New York State Education Department (SED) requirements for courses in the liberal arts and sciences.  They additionally support the practices and populations of CUNY, most specifically, the General Education Mission at our campus.  Our global outcomes are interdisciplinary, and have been shaped to serve our diverse student-body, with the specific goals of enriching their education and preparing them for both the global marketplace and engaged global citizenry.  They are intended to be applied in disciplines, as appropriate, as well as through co-curricular events, programs, and study abroad.  Additionally, we are developing a growing relationship with Fairleigh Dickinson University, and have considered their global initiatives and programs in the interest of future articulation agreements and projects. 

Acquisition of Global Perspectives

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of interconnected global histories, international governance, shifting geographies, and human rights – including environmental, economic, ethnic, and gender justice.
  2. Value diverse perspectives within nations and across the globe, with special attention to the relationship between local and global issues.
  3. Engage as an active global citizen with an awareness of cultural diversity, one’s own culture/s, and the responsibility of self towards others, as demonstrated through learned strategies and processes.

Cross-Cultural Communication

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of global awareness through the study and practice of environmentally and culturally sustainable peace-keeping discourses.
  2. Value well-researched oral, written, visual, and digital communication in its diverse cross-cultural forms.
  3. Demonstrate cross-cultural communication skills, in and beyond the classroom, through multi-lingual, international, and cultural/social studies.

Application of Skills in Local and Global Contexts

  1. Gain knowledge to work productively and sensitively in multiple cultural environments.
  2. Value and apply innovative systems and technologies that utilize critical and creative global-thinking skills.
  3.  Produce informed and globally-conscious projects within the global marketplace and as a politically, socially, and culturally-aware citizen.
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