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Many faculty already creatively incorporate global perspectives into their courses. The Global Initiative’s Online Resource Library offers web-based access to enable faculty from all disciplines to share their ideas about how they imbed global perspectives into their teaching.  The Online Resource Library highlights teaching strategies, discussion questions, activities and exercises, and resource and reading materials that support the integration of global content into current courses. The intent of the Resource Library is to provide support that enables faculty to expand students’ global awareness without undertaking major course revisions.

Please use the index to identify approaches in specific thematic areas.  If you would like to suggest additional thematic areas, please e-mail Barbara Schaier-Peleg at Barbara.Schaierpeleg@bcc.cuny.edu.

(Online resource materials will include books, articles, media—DVDs, CD-ROMs, syllabi, assignments, and exercises.) The themes and sub-themes listed below have been suggested by the Global Initiative Steering Committee.  We plan to revise them as we receive your submissions.

Global Initiative Resource Library Submission Form (word doc)

Resource Library Index

Arts and Aesthetics

PEA 46- Afro-Caribbean and Black Dance
Afro-Caribbean Dance Forms (Dr. Suzan Moss, Health, Physical Education and Wellness)





PEA 11 Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Lifestyles (Dr. Wayne Major, Health, Physical Education and Wellness)

HLT 96 Health Education for Parenting
HIV/AIDS Transmission  (Professor Janet Heller, Health, Physical Education and Wellness)

HLT 91 Health Issues
Health Disparities Among Different Racial/Ethnic Groups (Professor Mary Lou McNichol, Health, Physical Education and Wellness)

PEA 12 Yoga
Cultural Context of Yoga (Professor Monique Schubert, Health, Physical Education and Wellness)

HLT 94- Human Nutrition
Food and Nutrition (Professor Charmaine Aleony, Health, Physical Education and Wellness)

NUR 45 Maternal Newborn & Women’s Health
Health Issues and Cultural Diversity (Dr. Marcia Jones, Nursing and Allied Sscineces)

Human Rights

ENG 14 Writing About Prose
Crossing Borders: Identity Politics and Acculturation (Dr. Julie Bolt, English)


ENG 12 Immigration
Commonality of Immigrant Experience in Different Eras and Locations (Professor Andrew Rowan, English)

ITL 21 Italian
Impact of Immigration on Tolerance and Racism in Different Countries (Dr. Giulia Guarneri, Modern Languages)

International Conflicts


Sustainability and Environmental Resources

BIO 21 (writing intensive)
Challenges of Climate Change (Dr. Claudio Mazzatenta, Biology and Medical Laboratory Technology)


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