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Status Vacancy Title JOB ID# Closing Date
Asst Prof (Ten-trac)- Engin, Phys and Techno JOB17785 01/13/2018
Adj Lec/Adj Asst Prof - Bus and Info System JOB17728 (((OPEN)))
Adj Lec/ Adj Asst Pro - RN/ LPN Prog (Nurs) JOB17685 01/17/2018
Sports Information Director ID201702 12/01/2017
Athletic Trainer (ATC) ID201701 12/01/2017
Enroll Special - Reten Initiat (Acad Affair) JOB17678 12/02/2017
Finan Purch Agt, Ll 3 (Prov) Purch/Bus Offic JOB16885 12/01/2017
Bus Dat and Rep Ana, Ll 1 (Prov) Bus Off/Pay JOB16960 11/30/2017
Academic Program Specialist - College Now JOB17655 11/25/2017
Academic Student Support Program Specialist JOB17599 11/25/2017
Adjunct Lecturer or Adjunct Assistant Profes JOB17696 (((OPEN)))
HR Chief Diver Officer - President's Office JOB17684 11/22/2017
Workforce and Econ Develop Prog Mang(CEM) JOB17498 (((OPEN)))
Adj Lec or Adj Prof - Auto Tech (Multi Pos) JOB16788 (((OPEN)))
Grants Direc - Advance, Comm & Ext Rel(ACER) JOB16836 (((OPEN)))
Exectuve Director of HR (Associate Admin) JOB17139 (((OPEN)))
Aca ASAP Stud Adv - Acc Stu in Asso Prog(MP JOB17138 (((OPEN)))
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