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MUS 10     2 hr/1 cr
Music Survey
Introduction to the vast symphonic and chamber music literature; opera from Baroque to the contemporary period. Listening assignments. Attendance at live concerts required.
Not open to students taking MUS 11 or MUS 12.
Corequisite: ENG 02 or RDL 02 if required.

MUS 11     3 hr/3 cr
Introduction to Music

Nature of music expression; elements of music, including tempo, meter, rhythm, melodic and harmonic material and structure, tone color, texture structure examined in instrumental and vocal "forms." History of development of musical styles and forms. Listening assignments. Attendance at live concerts required.
Corequisite: ENG 02 or RDL 02 if required.

MUS 12     3 hr/3 cr
Multi-Cultural Survey of World Music

In-depth study and analysis of music (style, form, and tradition) and its relation to world cultures. Emphasis on ethnic and artistic characteristics. Listening assignments. Attendance at live concerts required.
Corequisite: ENG 02 or RDL 02 if required.

MUS 13     3 hr/2 cr
Sound for the Web
This course will introduce students to the techniques and procedures of creating digital sound for the web. The focus will be on various audio techniques, including voice recordings, digital signal processing, video scoring, and the creation of sonic backgrounds. Students will work on individual projects creating original music or audio tracks for web delivery. The class will cover the use of sound in various web-based media, the creation of sound for Flash animation, and the conversion of various sound formats for use with video.

MUS 14     2 hr/2 lab/3 cr
Creative Computer Music

Lecture-demonstrations and lab settings to familiarize students with capabilities of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technologies. Students master MIDI applications of the personal computer with regard to sequencing, sound editing storage and retrieval. Emphasis on use of MIDI and ability to set up an MIDI workstation.

MUS 18     2 hr/2 cr
History of Jazz

Survey of development of jazz music form time of slavery to the present. Audio laboratory listening assignments. Attendance at live concerts required.
Corequisite: RDL 02 if required.

MUS 21, 22, 23, 24     3 hr/1 cr each
Choral Performance
The study and presentation of standard and contemporary choral literature
for mixed voices. Choral training and performances at concerts, college ceremonies and functions.
Prerequisite: Departmental permission.

MUS 37     1 hr/1cr
Instrumental Class Instruction in the Recorder

Basic instruction in playing a musical instrument, the recorder, for both solo and group use. No previous musical training necessary.

MUS 40     3 hr/2 cr
Fundamentals of Music

Basic reading skills including treble and bass clefs, key signatures, major and minor scales, some elementary sight-reading techniques, rhythms, simple harmony.

MUS 50     2 hr/1 cr
Basic Musicianship

Development of basic aural preceptions of pitch, duration, intensity, timbre, melody and rhythm through listening exercises, signing, and the playing of simple musical instruments.

MUS 65     2 hr/1 cr
Beginning Guitar

Introduction to basic guitar techniques, harmonization and transposition of folk songs.

MUS 66     2 hr/1 cr
Not offered on a regular basis. Course description available upon request.
Prerequisite: MUS 65.

MUS 70     2 hr/1 cr
Piano Class for Beginners

Introduction to basic piano techniques, harmonization and transposition of simple accompanying techniques for folk songs, easy piano literature from all stylistic eras. Practice facilities available.

MUS 71     2 hr/1 cr
Secondary Piano I

Class instruction to attain an elementary facility at the piano. Taken by all Music majors except pianists. Registration only with permission of department.
Prerequisite: MUS 70 or by departmental permission.

MUS 72     2 hr/1 cr
Secondary Piano II

Continuation of MUS 71. Not offered on a regular basis.
Prerequisite: MUS 71.


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