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CTE Workshop Faculty Feedback

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers numerous workshops to faculty throughout the year.  Below is a sampling of comments from participants at recent workshops:


Creating a Constructive Learning Environment in the Classroom Workshop:

“Great ideas for engaging and getting the students focused.”

Customized Assessment Tools Workshop:

 “Zimmermann had great enthusiasm about the topic and in sharing info…Would like to try this one with my classes, as well as working on the actual site.”

OSSES Adjunct Workshop:

“Great information, resources, dialogue.  Provided thoughtful comprehensive information on globalizing the curriculum, and its benefits and challenges.  Information could be connected to any discipline.”

Adjunct Workshop

“Completely informative”

“Great workshop… I learned more about navigating through the various pages”

“Everything was very clear! I appreciate the discussion and recommendations that came from the various topics covered in this workshop .”

New Faculty Seminar

“Very Engaging, I enjoyed the workshop it provided great exposure to the faculty, staff, and administrators.”

“I really enjoyed the series of seminars. I felt that I learned a lot and found out about so many resources her on campus. Thank you.”

Reading, Learning and Thinking Workshop (LETME)

“I loved this reflective opportunity to re-think ways to guide students toward reflection, discussion, analysis, and independence.”

“The LETME strategies were most useful and relevant. The workshop grounded me, and reminded me of the importance of crafting learning experiences that move students to become empowered learners.”

“A truly valuable opportunity—not only a personal challenge to my teaching, but an opportunity to interact with colleagues who are also approaching the same challenge.”

“…allowed me to address learning issues in the classroom to improve student performance.”

“LETME is a system that I can use for marginal or failing students to assist them in possibly succeeding in our program.”

Action Research—Summer Institute

“I found the Summer Institute helpful and stimulating, particularly in getting to know other colleagues in other disciplines...”

“I thought the Institute was a wonderful opportunity not only to formulate my questions, but to engage in the process with colleagues who research ideas. Ultimately gave more substance to my project ideas.”

“This was very helpful—more so than other professional development workshops that I’ve attended. Repeating our study ideas to the group and getting feedback really helped me in developing my ideas.”

“As a junior faculty, I think there was a real wealth of information that ultimately will impact on our teaching. Research is an abstract, intimidating term. But now it has some real meaning and purpose for me.”

“Got insights into teaching strategies and problems faced by instructors in other disciplines, and enjoyed discussing and formulating research plans.”


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