Continuing Education

Health Information Technology Specialist

You will receive an intensive preparation in computer technology, networking, the fundamentals of health care information systems, and how computer technology is used within the health care field. You will learn the language of medicine and the most updated information on health information privacy. The curriculum has been developed to provide an overview of healthcare systems, workflow analysis and hands-on experience with an electronic health records (EHR) system. At the conclusion of the program, you will have acquired the practical knowledge and skills necessary to support healthcare professionals and facilities implementing and/or using EHRs.

Entrance Criteria

An information technology (IT) degree and/or a high school diploma (or GED) with at least two years of IT work experience that at the minimum required computer installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting experience.

Material and/or Participation Requirements

Textbooks required at additional cost. Learning materials are targeted to the emerging electronic health record technology. The program will require additional out-of-classroom time commitments to complete assignments during the training period. Successful students will have the skills needed to work as permanent health information technology technical/software support staff.

Career Path

Successful participants' will work in hospitals, ambulatory centers, private medical practices and other health care facilities as well as pharmacies and insurance companies across the country that have transitioned into the digital world for health records and practice management. This program is designed to prepare you for immediately available entry level jobs and provides the fundamental skills needed for advanced training and career advancement.


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