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Health Information Technology Training

Helping advance exciting new career opportunities in Health Information Technology in a modernized interconnected care delivery system. Our students are part of the digital transformation in electronic health records.

If you have been to a health professional's office, you will notice that your medical records are being created and stored electronically. This is the result of an initiative by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) that all medical files in the United States will be created and stored electronically. This new record keeping standard has created a demand for health information technology professionals to assist clinics, hospitals and medical practices transition from paper based to electronic record keeping.

As the healthcare industry transitions to digital record use, the need for more and more Health IT professionals to support new systems, from workflow redesign and implementation to technical support will grow. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of Education, approximately 50,000 qualified health information technology workers will be needed to meet the federal mandate, which requires all healthcare providers to implement Electronic Health Records (EHR) by 2015.

Bronx Community College has developed a comprehensive Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Workforce Training program designed to educate and train healthcare and IT professionals in the implementation of electronic health records. The program has been tailored to educate both seasoned healthcare or information technology professionals on the skills and competencies necessary for the implementation of electronic health records.

If you are new to healthcare or information technology (IT) and are interested in the health information technology field, we recommend taking a look at the opportunities available in our HITECH Certification Program.


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