Disability Services

How to Apply for Services

To apply for services, visit the Office of Disability Services in Loew Hall [LO], Room 211, at least four weeks before classes begin.

  1. You will be given the opportunity to register as a New York State voter.
  2. You will be given an application to register with the Office of Disability Services. There are two parts. One is an Intake Form for you to complete, and the other is a Medical Documentation Form to be completed by your medical provider, which will document your disability.
  3. When you have the Medical Documentation Form and the Intake Form completed, please call the Office of Disability Services to make an appointment 718.289.5874. Bring a copy of your class registration and student photo ID.
  4. You will meet with the department manager and/or our accommodation specialist to discuss your application and determine accommodations. You will be asked to sign an agreement.
  5. You will be given your accommodation letters.
  6. Each semester you must re-register with the Office of Disability Services. This is a simple process; you need to provide us with a copy of your class registration. Depending on the nature of the disability, you may be asked to update your medical documentation.
Note About Confidentiality: We maintain disability records in a confidential manner as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Information you provide to us is not released, unless we have your written consent. There is one exception to this: If there is a direct threat to the safety of you or another individual, we are legally obligated to release information to appropriate professionals without consent.

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