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Liberal Arts and Sciences - Education Option (A.A. Degree)

Liberal Arts and Sciences – Education Option

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The education courses provide and require fieldwork observations and experiences in diverse classroom settings so prospective teachers and teacher assistants can begin to integrate educational theory and practice. The education faculty develop class work strategies and assignments, in traditional classroom settings and online delivery systems, to infuse general education proficiencies in student learning. Faculty members have also begun designing rubrics and assessment techniques (i.e., electronic portfolios) to assess student learning and provide students with authentic models of student capabilities.

Course Descriptions


EDU 10     3 rec 3 cr
Child Study–Birth to Grade 6

Designed to provide opportunities to analyze and apply theories and research findings to all educational aspects of development from birth through childhood. The course examines multicultural, multilingual, inclusive settings and classroom management techniques. The course provides opportunities to plan educational activities for diverse populations and contrasting social and economic environments based on child study and learning theories. Students write and present a child case study. The use of technology is introduced as appropriate. Requires visits to early childhood and childhood learning settings with diverse socioeconomic populations in order to apply systematic observation techniques. The case study will be part of each student's academic portfolio.
Prerequisite(s): ENG 02 and RDL 02. Prerequisite or Corequisite: PSY 11.

EDU 12     3 rec 3 cr
Contemporary Urban Education–Birth to Grade 6

Designed to study the structure of the American public education system. Special emphasis placed on the bilingual, multicultural and special educational aspects of contemporary urban education at early childhood and childhood levels. Course includes historical overview of public education. Topics focus on reducing the widening achievement gap among diverse urban school populations; promoting equitable educational opportunities for minorities and school populations-at-risk (with an emphasis on the structure of schools); and factors that promote more effective teaching and effective schools. The use of technology is introduced as appropriate. Requires visits to early childhood and childhood classrooms with diverse socioeconomic populations, and contributions to each student's academic portfolio.
Prerequisite(s): ENG 02 and RDL 02.

EDU 26     3 rec 3 cr
Human Relations in–Urban Schools

Norms, values, and roles; observation of human behavior; principles that govern human change; activities that aid social and emotional growth; effective principles and practices of communication through written messages, teacher-parent conferences, telephone calls, and group presentations; handling conflict and criticism; codes of ethics; and knowledge of useful references.
Prerequisite(s): or Corequisite: EDU 10.

EDU 40     3 rec 3 cr
Field Work Seminar–Birth to Grade 6

Individual and small-group teaching experiences under professional supervision in an accredited school or agency. Periodic meetings with BCC faculty supervisor. Students must demonstrate competencies pertaining to general knowledge expected of those who completed the Education sequence, and be able to plan educational activities for culturally diverse populations and children with special needs. StudentsÂ’ dispositions and instructional strategies will be assessed. The use of technology is introduced as appropriate. Students will make contributions to their academic portfolio.
Prerequisite(s): EDU 10; EDU 12 or EDU 26. Corequisite: All other education courses and permission of department..


PSY 11     3 rec 3 cr
Introduction to Psychology

Scientific method in the understanding of human behavior. Introductory study of growth and development, motivation, emotions and mental health, learning, intelligence and personality evaluation.
Corequisite(s): ENG 02 or RDL 02 if required.


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