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Your gift opens a world of opportunity for talented students and attracts and retains the faculty who guide them. Your support provides state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment, classrooms, athletic facilities, and meeting spaces for students to develop lifelong professional and social relationships. Read about the many ways you can help them pursue their dreams.

Students of Excellence

Komi Attitso

Komi Attitso

Given the shortage of doctors in his native Togo, Bronx Community College student Komi Attitso is passionate about becoming a radiologist. Komi arrived in the U.S. four years ago and while attending school, has worked multiple jobs, often overnight, in order to support his family back home...

Easter Wood

Easter Wood

Bronx Community College graduate Easter Z. Wood received a phone call recently with special news. She learned she had been accepted to Harvard University with a full five-year prize fellowship, valued at over $200,000, in the African and African American Studies Department’s (AAAS) Ph.D. Program...

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Jeffrey Guard

Jeffrey Guard

BCC student Jeffrey Guard worked on a project with Francisca Villar, a BCC 2009 graduate. Their project is "Phytotolerance to Toxic Heavy Metals by American and International Rice Oryza sativa Cultivars L. in vitro." It studies the use of rice (oryza sativa) cultivars to remove toxic heavy metals from contaminated bodies of water and plots of land...

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Strategic Priorities

Bronx Community College will enlist private and corporate support to raise $15 million by 2015 to address six strategic priorities:

Students—Recruit, Retain, Graduate

In addition to resources for scholarships that must be made available to deserving students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, the College must also expand its comprehensive network of support, advisement and remediation to increase students’ odds for success.

Faculty—Recruit, Retain, Inspire

The College must continue to invest in securing and supporting its greatest asset: its faculty. They are committed to innovation in teaching and are dedicated to the needs of individual students. Resources are needed to provide opportunities for professional development both external and in-house, and release time for special projects and research.

Facilities—Restore, Maintain, Build

Implementation of BCC’s Master Plan is critical to ensuring that BCC’s 43-acre, 100-plus year old campus continues as an exemplar of preservation and innovation. The plan calls for restoration of BCC’s beloved historic buildings, expansion of teaching and learning facilities, and general campus infrastructure.

Centers—Sustain, Expand, Globalize

Several centers expand the scope of the BCC curriculum and enrich BCC. The Center for Sustainable Energy, Center for Tolerance and Understanding, Center for Teaching Excellence, and National Center for Educational Alliances provide unique resources to encourage BCC students to “think locally and act globally.” BCC must strengthen and expand the work of these centers that, by their mission, help to fashion globally aware, responsible citizens.

Community—Reach Out, Collaborate, Enrich

BCC provides educational and enrichment experiences to our community through Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language, and GED courses, and through college prep, building trades, and continuing career education. In addition, BCC encourages community service locally, nationally, and internationally for its students and faculty.

Annual Fund—Nurture, Grow, Prosper

The BCC Green and Gold Annual Fund provides unrestricted resources to supplement tuition and tax levy revenues. Donations are used where they are most needed, including student scholarships, faculty development, student services, technology advancement, and facilities maintenance.


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