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All College network traffic passes through CUNY Central before reaching our individual BCC mailboxes.  In order to help ensure the integrity of incoming digital correspondence, i.e., to reduce the receipt of spam and help protect against email viruses, the University has obtained Proofpoint Protection Server software, a system that utilizes the College’s messaging infrastructure.  The purpose of this guide is to explain the use of this important new product to all BCC email users.  


First, a few useful definitions:


  • Spam - Unsolicited junk e-mail sent to large numbers of people to promote products or services.  Sexually explicit unsolicited e-mail is called "porn spam." Also refers to inappropriate promotional or commercial postings to discussion groups or bulletin boards.


  • Digest - The Digest is an email message sent out twice every day that contains a list of messages placed in the Spam Quarantine in the past 24 hours.  Please note your Digest will be deleted every 14 days.


  • Spam Quarantine - Spam Quarantine is where messages classified as spam are held for delivery until they are released by you.


Next, for those who have not already received these messages, you will very shortly begin receiving emails from  This will give you access to all messages “captured” in your email account which is connected to a special filter server.


The following are Instructions on how to use to the various options available, including Request New End User Digest, Request Safe/Blocked Senders List and Manage My Account.


  1. Click on the email from  You can access this message from your inbox Outlook/Outlook Web Access.  If you still have not received any email from, please contact the BCC Help Desk at 718-289-5970 or via email @


  1. Click on Manage My Account.



  1. You will receive a Security Alert. Click on Yes. (Please note that if you experience problems with accepting a certificate, you must obtain the latest version of Internet Explorer or Netscape.)



  1. At the Proofpoint account website, you also have the ability to configure emails to your satisfaction that have not been blocked by the filter server.  To block an email address, click on Blocked Senders List as shown below.




(Note that its appearance is very similar to MS Outlook 2003.)



  1. Click on the tab called New.




  1. Specify an email address that you wish to block.  Then click Save.  You may enter multiple addresses.  Once you have completed this task, click Close.




  1. To unblock an email address, click on Safe Senders List.  This is where email addresses that are not considered spam are configured so that you will always receive email from that particular sender.





  1. Click on the tab called New. 




  1. This is where to add an email address that you wish to continue receiving email from.  Enter addresses and click Save.  Please note that Safe Senders List is only for email that was shown in your Digest as blocked.  If you place an email address from Digest to this list, you will start receiving email from that sender to your inbox.  When finished click Close.



  1. Once you are finished with the Blocked and Safe Senders Lists, close the website.  Return to the email sent from



  1. When you are finished configuring your account, you can check the status of the newly-implemented settings by clicking on Request New End User Digest or Request Safe/Blocked Senders List.  With either of these options, you will receive a new email giving the status of your recent update.  Again, the email will be from  These two options are shown on the next page.


  1. If you need any additional information, select the Help link on the email from or contact the BCC Help Desk.