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Frequently Asked Questions (Faculty/Staff)

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  • Will CUNYfirst affect me?

Yes. By the time all modules and applications are fully implemented every one of our students, faculty and staff will have access to CUNYfirst. All employees will have access via self-service when the Human Resources modules go live in a few months. They’ll be able to view their personal information (address, phone number, etc.) and current listing of benefits and report to their local HR office if their data is incorrect.

  • What is the biggest difference between current systems and CUNYfirst?

The answer is right there - systems vs. system. Our current systems, which are numerous, operate to conduct all our business at CUNY. Very few of them interact with each other. CUNYfirst will integrate all our financial, HR and student processes so that data can be used instantaneous across departments and across the university.

  • Will I need training on all CUNYfirst Processes?

No. In CUNYfirst everyone is assigned roles based on the work they do. Those are determined by managers and supervisors who are translating current work into CUNYfirst functions. When that has been determined, you will receive training to perform the exact tasks you need to do your job. No more, no less. If it is determined you need training on functions outside your role, your bosses will make sure you get it.

  • How will I be trained to use the system?

In a number of ways. If you have a job that will require you to have everyday access to the system, you will be trained in a classroom setting by your peers. CUNYfirst Training is based on a model called "Train the Trainer". Professionals from throughout CUNY learn how processes work, and train individuals how to do their work. Training occurs at five Borough Training Centers at The City College, Hostos CC, Queens College, Brooklyn College and the College of Staten Island. This allows training close to your campus or your home. If you don’t use CUNYfirst every day, training for processes you need will come from Web Conferences, Computer Based Training, and at the One Stop kiosks (for students).

  • How will I have access to CUNYfirst?

Everyone (faculty, staff and students) will be given an ID and an initial password to sign into the system. At the first sign on, you will be required to change your password to something familiar to you. You will then be asked to give answers to three security questions of your choice so you can get help if you forget your password. You will change your password many times in a given year to ensure the security requirement needed to protect this system.

  • I work in a job that doesn't require a computer. Does that mean I won’t have access to CUNYfirst?

No. CUNYfirst can be accessed from anywhere via your favorite internet browser. There are specific requirements for which browsers can be used, but if you have a computer at home, you can sign on to look at your personnel information or, in the future, fill out a time sheet. Campus IT teams are making available computers at various locations at the colleges for those who don't use a computer in their day to day work.

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