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Teaching with Technology Faculty Development Programs

2013 Summer Faculty Development Applications

Higher education in the twenty-first century requires that students be prepared for life in a world where digital technologies shape communication, culture, politics, economics, science, and virtually every workplace field that college graduates will enter. For educators, digital technology has transformed the ability to find and present teaching materials, and vastly expanded the ways, times, and places in which students can learn.

Online Course Development
Podcasting and Web 2.0 Faculty Development Programs
Learning by Design (Title V)

Bronx Community College is committed to integrating digital technologies into teaching and learning. OIT is committed to pursuing this goal by consistently following one guiding principle: good pedagogy and the improvement of student learning always drive decisions about technology. Participants in OIT-sponsored faculty development programs follow extended sequences of structured activity that allow the time for thoughtful, informed instructional design and careful consideration of how technologies can improve student learning. All OIT programs emphasize that good use of technology requires rethinking instruction, revising assignments, and aligning decisions about technology usage with underlying academic goals. Thanks to Title V grant funding (see Learning by Design), we are able to combine the development of technology-integrated pedagogies with targeted upgrades of the infrastructure capacity of BCC's classrooms and departmental computer laboratories.

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