Academic Master Plan

Beginning in Fall 2017, BCC engaged in an Academic Master Plan (AMP) effort intended to identify areas of opportunity, strengths unique to the institution, and areas of improvement. BCC’s AMP effort focused primarily on reviewing current and future academic programs within the context of educational and labor market trends. The decision to develop an AMP grew from the BCC Strategic Plan, which called for cultivating a 21st Century Curriculum and for reviewing, evaluating, updating, and developing curricula that maintain currency and are congruent with BCC’s mission. This resulting BCC Academic Master Plan is an expression of institutional academic priorities, will help guide academic decision-making for the next five years, and will inform the development of other plans, such as those in facilities, enrollment, and information technology.

BCC is currently in the implementation phase of the Academic Master Plan.

To learn more, download the full Academic Master Plan or the AMP Executive Summary.

If you have questions or comments about the BCC Academic Master Plan or the implementation process, please contact Alexander Ott, Associate Dean, Curriculum Matters and Academic Programs.

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