Safe Space

The LGBTQI+ Resource Room houses the Safe Space program, which provides both customized training on LGBTQI+ identities and inclusion and larger campus-wide events on LGBTQI+ topics. Our custom offerings, which are currently being conducted via Zoom and last anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minues, include the following:

  • LGBTQI+ 101: Basic Terms and Topics
  • Title IX Protections for LGBTQI+ Students
  • Impactful LGBTQI+ Allyship
  • Pronouns
  • Trangender/Nonbinary Issues
  • Providing Safe Classrooms/Learning Spaces for LGBTQI+ Students
  • Creating an Inclusive Curriculum, Syllabus, and Learning Plan
  • Fostering a Safe Work Environment for LGBTQI+ Colleagues
  • Self-Advocacy and Resources for LGBTQI+ Students/Staff/Faculty
In addition to the above selections, training can also include requests for specialized topics and issues. To request a training session for an office, department, or a 1-on-1 consultation, complete the request form at
For more information on the LGBTQI+ Resource Room and any of its programming, email

Contact Us

The LGBTQI+ Resource Room, located in the Roscoe Brown Student Center in Room 312, is open Monday through Thursday 12-5pm, and Friday 1-4pm. 718.289.5300.
Students, faculty, and staff may enter the room without joining a specific group or club.

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