Cooperative Work Experience Course

Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) integrates a student’s academic and career interests with meaningful work experience while attending a professional development course. Students will complete an internship in positions related to their academic major in Accounting, Marketing Management, Computer Information Systems, and Office Administration & Technology


The Cooperative Work Experience (CWE 31) program is open to students who:

  1. Are currently enrolled and matriculated at BCC in the following Associate in Applied Science degree programs:
    • Accounting
    • Computer Information Systems
    • Marketing Management
    • Paralegal
    • Office Administration & Technology
  2. Have 30 degree credits
  3. Maintain at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)

Cooperative Work Experience – For Employers

Employing CWE students gives you a direct link to skilled workers prior to entering the workforce. Your investment of time can be rewarded with great, hardworking students.

Together, you’ll create an agreement that spells out the students’ start/end dates, work hours, duties, wage (if paid), expectations and accomplishments.

Employer Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a CWE internship placement for employers?

The benefits of CWE for employers include working with students who are enrolled in a 2 credit professional development course while completing an internship, thereby providing a solid foundation for on-the-job learning and skill development. Students also have access to job readiness workshops and career development resources through the Office of Career Development to reinforce classroom learning. There are no costs associated with placing a CWE student in an internship, and employers can save on advertising costs while minimizing time-to-fill concerns by hiring a CWE intern on a full-time or part-time basis at the end of the semester. 

Who pays the costs of workers' compensation insurance?

In a paid position, the employer is responsible for the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. In an unpaid position, the college is responsible for the cost of the workers’ compensation insurance.

Can I terminate students if they are not meeting satisfactory standards?

Yes, you may treat students as you would any other employee. Students are expected to abide by employer rules and regulations. Failure to do so may subject a student to disciplinary action by the employer and be reflected in the employer’s evaluation of the student. Please inform the student’s CWE program instructor of the situation.

Cooperative Work Experience – For Students

Put your education to work! The Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) program enables you to earn college credit while gaining on-the-job experience.

Getting Started

Step 1

Meet with your Success Coach


Meet with your academic advisor at least 1 semester before you plan to take your CWE class and learn about the basic CWE requirements for the program.

Step 2

Schedule an Appointment with the CWE Career Specialist in the Office of Career Development


Reach out to the office at 718-289-5177 or stop by Sage Hall, second floor.

Step 3

Complete and submit CWE Application


Complete and submit the application to the CWE Career Specialist. To get their contact information reach out to the office–or, just stop by Sage Hall!

Step 4

Meet with CWE Career Specialist


Meet with the CWE Career Specialist via Zoom or at Sage Hall – Second Floor on the date of your scheduled appointment

During the Term


  • Begin work and track hours on your Student Timesheet

  • Schedule a mid-term check-in with the CWE Career Specialist

  • Complete assignments for your CWE course and turn in all completed CWE timesheets by the last week of the semester.


If you have questions, contact Stephanie Perez in the Office of Career Development

Roles & Responsibilities


  • Interview & select student for internship placement
  • Sign the learning agreement
  • Create student work schedule and learning outcomes
  • Evaluate student performance in the middle and the end of the semester


  • Meet with an advisor and your CWE program instructor
  • Complete a CWE application
  • Submit resume and interview with employer
  • Register for appropriate CWE course and a CWE seminar
  • Develop learning outcomes and complete the work agreement
  • Complete job assignments
  • Work required hours for the number of credits enrolled
  • Collaborate with instructor and employer

CWE Career Specialist

  • Recruit, assess & prepare
  • Identify and register student for CWE 31
  • Ensure that employers create learning objectives
  • Review progress with employer and student
  • Maintain records of students participating in CWE
  • Meet with CWE instructor to provide information about student internship performance

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does this class meet?

The class meets once a week for the duration of the academic semester.

Can I take the course during the summer?

The course is only offered during the spring and fall semesters; however, you can complete your internship in the summer prior to the fall semester.

What does the course teach?

You will be learning about the following: resume development, cover letter writing, college research, completing applications, interviewing skills, financial planning, job hunting, job retention and self-exploration.

What are the benefits of taking the course?

Not only are you being trained by professionals who will ensure that you develop professionally, but you have first access to the services at Career & Transfer. For example, when our employers are seeking to fill positions, we let you know first since you have already been trained.

How many credits is the class?

The class is two credits.

How do I register for the class?

Your Career Advisor will add you to the class. We recommend scheduling an appointment to meet with your Career Advisor a semester prior to taking the course for internship advisement and preparation.

How many hours do I have to complete for the internship?

Students are required to complete 15 to 20 hours per week for a total of 210 hours for the semester.

Exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the CWE professor in collaboration with the Office of Career Development. 

Can I use my work-study as my internship?

You certainly can. However, your work-study must be related to your field of study. This means that you must complete tasks that are related to your major.

What if I have prior work experience and would like the class waived?

The class can only be waived if your work experience has been in your field of study. You must visit the Career Development Office for waivers before seeing your academic department.

I've already done an internship. Can I use that as my internship for the course?

If your internship was completed in the semester prior to taking the course and if you were referred to the site by Career Development, then you can use a prior internship to fulfill course requirements.

I work full time in my field. Do I still need to take the course?

The course is still a requirement even if you currently work in your field. However, you can discuss your internship options with the staff at Career Development prior to course enrollment.

What if I cannot find an internship in time for the start of the course?

Since we begin training students for internships in the semester prior to your enrollment in the course, it is unlikely that you will not have an internship by the start of the semester. If you are in the minority and do not find an internship in time, then you need to visit a career development specialist immediately who will assist you with finding an internship.

Do I have to interview with a prospective internship employer?

Yes. We are preparing you for a prosperous career. This preparation includes interviewing with employers.

What if I have further questions about the course and/or internship?

Information sessions are scheduled for all of our students. In these sessions you can complete the necessary paperwork and ask any further questions that you may have. Visit our main office to meet with a Career Specialist one-on-one if you have any questions not answered in an info-session.

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