College P & B General Meeting

virtual event on Zoom 2155 University Ave, Bronx, NY, United States  

Departmental P & B Committee Actions

Department P&B Committee completes actions on 1st  and 2nd reappointments Lecturer, 1st reappointments Instructor, Asst. Prof., CLT & Sr. CLT. Department P&B Committee notifies candidates. Recommendations sent electronically to OAA by noon

Candidates for Promotion & Fellowship Leave

Candidates applying for promotion from Asst. Prof. to Assoc. Prof., Senior CLT to Chief CLT, CLT to Senior CLT. Must submit an application for promotion, an updated brief, CV, and other supporting materials to Chairperson.   Candidates applying for Fellowship Leave, Reassignment & Leave of Absence for Spring 2025 and after must Submit application & […]

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