Student Support

ASAP offers students extensive social, academic, and professional support.

Academic Advisement

Academic advisement is one of the defining components of ASAP. From the moment students are accepted into the program, they are assigned to an academic advisor. ASAP students must contact their assigned academic advisors twice a month to develop sound academic plans, discuss academic difficulties they may have, develop strategies for success, discuss major and graduation requirements, plan subsequent semesters, get ready for transferring to senior colleges and explore scholarship opportunities. ASAP advisors communicate regularly with the faculty teaching ASAP classes about their advisees’ attendance, academic progress, and intervene quickly when there are signs of academic difficulty.

Career Advisement

Because in ASAP we understand that college education and career exploration go hand in hand, the program provides students with extensive career services—resume writing, mock interviewing, career planning, internships, job searching, service learning, and job placement. With the students’ needs and interests in mind, the ASAP Academic Advisors and Career and Employment Specialist work very closely to seamlessly integrate career development and academic advisement.

Complete the ASAP Eligibility Checklist to determine your eligibility.


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