Modern Languages

Faculty and Staff Directory

Department of
Modern Langauges

Colston Hall [CO], Room 201

Dr. Laurel Cummins

Administrative Assistant:
Miguel Rivera, Jr.

  • Luis CaballeroAdjunct Lecturer
    (Spanish Language)
  • Martine GauthierAdjunct Lecturer
    (French Language)
  • Aridania LunaAdjunct Lecturer
    (Spanish Language)
  • John E. McFaulAdjunct Lecturer
    (French and Spanish Language)
  • Felix MendozaAdjunct Lecturer
    (Spanish Language)
  • Ana Roldan Adjunct Lecturer
    (Spanish Language)
  • Eman Hussein
    Adjunct Lecturer
    (Arabic Language)
  • Eduardo Recinos Vasquez
    Adjunct Lecturer
    (Spanish Language)
  • Luisanna Castangia Sardu
    Adjunct Lecturer
    (Italian/Spanish Language)
  • Oilda Martinez Adjunct Lecturer
    (Spanish Language)
  • Judimar NegronAdjunct Lecturer
    (French/Spanish Language)
  • Prof. Luis L. PintoAdjunct Assistant Professor
    (Spanish Language)
  • Marilyn Rivera
    Adjunct Assistant Professor
    (Spanish Language)
  • Ana Vidal
    Adjunct Assistant Professor
    (Spanish Language)
  • Alessandra Galassi, Adjunct Lecturer (Italian Language
    (Spanish Language)
  • Dr. Stefano Gulizia Adjunct Assistant Professor
    (Italian Language)
  • Dr. Maneesha PatelAdjunct Assistant Professor (Italian Language)
  • Eleonora Fumagalli
    Adjunct Lecturer (Italian Language)
  • Germana Giupponi
    Adjunct Lecturer
    (Italian Language)

Tutor Schedules

Location: Colston Hall, Room 208

Hours of operation: M-TH 10:00 A.M. -7:00 P.M.

Individual tutor schedules will be posted per semester.


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