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Modern Languages

Faculty and Staff Directory

Department of
Modern Langauges

Colston Hall [CO], Room 201

Dr. Alexander Lamazares

Administrative Assistant:
Miguel Rivera, Jr.


  • Alexander Lamazares Department Chairperson
    B.A., University of Florida
    M.A., The University of Chicago
    Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany
    Colston Hall [CO], Room 200, Ext. 5632
  • Laurel Cummins Deputy Chairperson
    B.A., Grinnell College
    M.A., A.M, University of Michigan
    Ph.D., Indiana University
    Colston Hall [CO], Room 242, Ext. 5651
  • Alicia Bralove Ramírez Associate Professor
    B.A., Emory University
    M.A., Hunter College, CUNY
    Ph.D., The Graduate Center, CUNY
    Colston Hall [CO], Room 240, Ext. 5649
  • Giulia Guarnieri Professor
    Laurea, University of Bologna
    Ph.D., University of Washington
    Colston Hall [CO], Room 236, Ext. 5645
  • Wedsly Turenne Guerrier Assistant Professor
    B.A., University of Central Florida
    M.A., University of South Florida
    Ph.D., University of Florida
    Colston Hall [CO], Room 237, Ext. 5646
  • Helen Harrison Lecturer
    B.S., University of Massachusetts – Boston
    M.A., Middlebury College
    Colston Hall [CO], Room 239, Ext. 5648
  • José M. López-Marrón Associate Professor
    B.A., Wagner College
    M.A., New York University
    Ph.D., New York University
    Colston Hall [CO], Room 204, Ext. 3038
  • Ángel Resto Lecturer
    A.A., Bronx Community College, CUNY
    B.A., City College, CUNY
    M.A., Teacher’s College, Columbia University
    Colston Hall [CO], Room 234, Ext. 5643
  • Carlos M. Rivera Professor
    B.A., University of Puerto Rico
    M.A., New York University
    Ph.D., Arizona State University
    Colston Hall [CO], Room 238, Ext. 5647
  • Kevin Martillo Viner Assistant Professor
    A.A., Seattle Central Community College
    B.A., University of Washington
    M.Phil., The Graduate Center, CUNY
    Ph.D., The Graduate Center, CUNY
    Colston Hall [CO], Room 237, Ext. 5336

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Location: Colston Hall [CO], Room 208

Hours of operation: M-TH 10:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.

Individual tutor schedules will be posted per semester.


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