A Seventy Percent Spring

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CUNY Colleges

CUNY’s Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) has announced a target of 70% in-person learning by the first day of the Spring 2022 semester. This means employees will be expected to spend 70% of their work time in office or on campus, or seven out of 10 days of in-person work in a two-week cycle. Ideally, entire teams will be in the same place (on-site or remote) on the same days, so that people aren’t spending long hours alone in their offices or workspaces on Zoom rather than enjoying the benefits of in-person collaboration

Managers are encouraged to continue to offer, when feasible, reduced workweek and flexible start/end time options. Of course, not every position lends itself to a remote component. Supervisors and department heads should consult with Human Resources to determine which jobs must be done in person and which do not. Managers will benefit from Tools and Rules for Teleworking, which is updated regularly.

An ever-increasing density goal will result in the reduction (and ultimately the elimination) of general accommodations for reasons other than a health condition and other issues. This is outlined in CUNY’s Reasonable Accommodations and Academic Adjustments policy.

Please talk about this within your particular BCC community, so we can all begin to plan for a more in-person spring semester.

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